Freezer Meals Pt 5

I have had a lot of Google searches for Freezer Meals leading people to my blog, so I thought I would repost my series from the Fall, but rather than doing it all in one week like before I think I will do one post per week for the next 5 weeks. It will be posted each Tuesday morning.

Freezer Meal - Part 5

Practical Tips From Mimi Wilson

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of meeting Mimi Wilson, who has written a book entitled
Once A Month Cooking. She spoke briefly on OAMC and I also spoke with her after the seminar. I took notes on everything she shared, and I have some tidbits of wisdom from her to pass on to y'all!
  • Freeze food in zip lock bags and lay completely flat. You can stack a tremendous amount of food this way. She recommended this method especially for those with only the small freezer over a fridge.
  • Organize your freezer into different sections for easy reference of what is frozen in there.
  • Label your food with how many it will feed and what to serve it with.
  • For special occasions (Thanksgiving, etc.) prepare as much ahead of time and freeze.
And the number one tip she shared with me when asked what the most important thing is when it comes to freezing your meals is;
  • Make sure to properly seal the food before putting it in the freezer!
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This concludes the Freezer Meal series. Thanks for hanging around for it!

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