30 Days with Littles day 2

When I unload the dishwasher the boys are usually thisclosetome as I unload it. Wesley can easily be entertained just by watching.
For Judah I open the silverware drawer, show him where the forks and spoons go and then hand him the silverware one piece at a time. I have been doing this for a while with him and I usually still need to organize the forks and spoons a bit when he is finished, but in the time it takes him to put away the forks and spoons I have been able to unload the rest of the dishwasher without having someonewrappedaroundmyknee with each step I take.

And in case you were worried, I do keep a close eye on him to make sure the spoons and forks don't go in his mouth prior to the drawer. But should you happen to be at our house for dinner and think the dinner is especially flavorful, keep in mind I may have missed a fork or two.


Amber said...

Levi always comes running when he hears me open the dishwasher. :-p What is the big attraction?? He can't reach our silverware drawer, but what I do is let him hand me the silverware one by one and I put it away. He thinks it's a big deal! He also likes to "help" fill the soap dispenser, then close the door.

Nicole said...

LOL Amber, Nath comes running in too!! Grace usually unloads it all for me in the morning while she gets out our breakfast things, but sometimes Nath helps putting cutlery and their plastic bowls and plates away.
nath always runs off with the container you put the cutlery in too, grrr :P

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