9 of the 15 pounds of chicken has been cooked and frozen - and the rest is going to be put in the crock pot tomorrow morning for the youth group to have for supper tomorrow night! It's a new recipe I am trying, so hopefully it'll turn out alright!!

Pier 1 is having some great sales! It is 50% off the lowest ticketed item on all clearance items. They have some CUTE things if anyone is looking for stuff for their home!! The one around here had really nice candles - I bought just one, but will see if Paul likes it and might go get more.

Paul is on his way home now - he just finished a 14 hour day! I have to go finish up supper!

Saturday Photo Hunt - Water

Niagara Falls - June 2006


My Sleeping Babes

I have become a hot weather snob! The weather this past week has been in the 80's - yesterday it even reached 90 F!! But then today it was only 65 F, and I deemed it too cold to go outside to walk.

Being 'stuck' indoors today was a nice change of pace, and I was able to get a lot done!! I made a huge batch of iced mint tea, and another huge batch of iced raspberry coffee ... Paul and I have both drank a little too much of both and I think we'll be bouncing off the walls till the early morning hours. What do you want to bet that this will be the one and only night that Judah will sleep through the whole night??

I was also able to get some of my chicken cooked, and have ideas of what to do with the rest of it! I got the floor scrubbed, my list almost complete for a photo scavenger hunt I am arranging for next week, the table cleared, the kitchen cleaned and quality time with Judah napping on our balcony under piles of blankets!! I also started a book... the first book I have picked up since Judah was born!! I got page one read - go me!

Paul agreed to play Scrabble Up with me - a very rare event, so I am going to take him up on it before he changes his mind!!

More Judah movies

From Happy to Sad... must be the hat!

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen question I want to know the answer to but have been too lazy or busy to research:

1. Can the word 'base' and 'post' be used interchangeably when referring to an Army post?

2. What is Jamaica like in September/October? Is it a good time to go there on vacation?

3. What's the best way to keep cut flowers alive?

4. Are other games by Klaus Teuber any good? (He made Settlers, which is an amazing game!!)

5. What should I do with 15 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast?

6. What is the best hot chocolate mix?

7. How do you make Baked Alaska?

8. What are some good movies in theater right now?

9. Does anywhere print pictures for less than twelve cents a picture?

10. Are whey protein shakes ok to drink while nursing?

11. What is the best pair of walking shoes?

12. Which is better to visit for a day trip; Charleston, Savannah or Myrtle Beach?

13. Where can I get thirteen 12x12 calendar grids to use in Judah's scrapbook?

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Flowers from my man

Calla Lillies Paul bought me


A Judah movie - for Abigail =)

Several weeks ago Judah started rolling over, but he won't do it on the camera! Least not the whole way - I took this video a few weeks ago and he ended up falling asleep soon after the camera stopped recording!!

Baby Blue Eyes

Last night Paul and I went out for a walk and when we got back to the car I went up to put my water bottle on the front seat. When I walked back to the back of the car Paul was folding up the stroller and causally asked me where the baby was ... I told him I'd left Judah with him !! We realized at the same exact moment that Judah had been folded up into the stroller!! It scared us so badly and we frantically tried to open it up. There he was, happy as anything, staring up at us with his big eyes. Now we know that the stroller is parent proof! It is rather funny thinking back on it now... but very scary then!!

I love the commissary so very much! It has amazing deals! The one bad side to it is the price of things always fluctuates, but the sales they have are amazing! Like last week, strawberries were $1/lb. We bought about four pounds, but I wish we'd gotten more as today they were $2.50/lb!
And then today, boneless, skinless chicken breasts were on sale - I bought 15lbs for $16 ... Paul wanted to know what I thought we'd do with 15 lbs... I wasn't quite sure... I just couldn't pass up the sale!! So guess what we'll be eating for the next long while?!?! I am going to have to get creative with chicken recipes!!


Things I am looking forward to and things I am not looking forward to

Judah is back to nursing every two to two and a half hours, leaving me SO exhausted! I just want to crawl into a sound proof hole and sleep!
On Saturday he had his two month appointment and his weight was 8lbs 13oz!

Yesterday Paul had the day off and we had planned on going to Savannah for the day with some friends. However the weather didn't cooperate, so instead we just hung out around here, got stuff done at home, went to the mall and to the gym.
Soon we will make it to the beach!! I can't wait!

Next week is Master's week. I am excited to see how much this place changes, as everyone has warned me that it will! "Everything stops for Master's week." I am not excited about the added traffic that will be here though!

I found a cool website - Critique my Blog - I submitted my blog to him and here is what he posted about my blog. Check it out and get your blog critiqued too!

I just found out we have more company coming in April - woohoo! My great uncle and aunt -so Judah's great-great uncle and aunt - are coming down the middle of the month for a few days! I am excited to see them again and for them to meet Judah!

Last night I put Judah in size 1 diapers for the first time! Up until then he's been wearing Newborns. They fit him pretty well, so I think once the newborns are all gone, which will be very soon, we will just stick with size 1 diapers! I guess the bigger the diapers the bigger the poops, huh? Not looking forward to bigger poops!

Paul took me out for supper last night to O Charley's - mmm! It was my first time and his second time going there and it was good!! We had a great waitress and the food was very good. If you've never been to an O Charley's I highly recommend it!

I have some more pictures to post on here, however my camera is down in the car, so pictures will come a bit later!


Saturday Photo Hunt - Empty

An empty telephone booth - picture taken in Lake Havasu, Arizona.


Walking Shoes

I have walked 11 out of the past 14 days, walking a total of 21 miles!! I am slowly seeing results. For one, the two miles gets done quicker each day. Today it took 24 minutes to do the two miles. Two days ago it took me 29 minutes! Four weeks ago a shirt my mum had bought for me made me look like three sausage links. Today I tried it on again and it FIT! Woohoo!
It is nice to have that little bit of encouragement because walking is losing it's novelty! I am not as amused at the trainees running around the training field singing about kool-aid. Right now the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of that form fitting bridesmaid dress I have to wear this summer! Oh, and too the opportunity to take pictures while I am out walking... the flowers are blooming and everything is so pretty!

Judah and his Uncle Caleb - last pictures together


Thursday Thirteen #18

I have always wanted vanity plates on my car! While sitting around waiting for Paul to finish up at the gym one day my brother Caleb and I came up with these thirteen ideas for vanity plates:



4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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I love my hubby!

When Paul is over tired he talks in his sleep, and those conversations are the funniest conversations ever!! Last night was one of those over tired nights.

He was in bed and asleep well before me, and when I went in I stroked his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He said "Why don't you just slit my throat while you're at it?"

Then a little bit later he started snoring and I nudged him to get him to stop and he said "Did you just try to gag me? I think you stuck a towel in my mouth. Oh... wait. No, you were shoving sleeping pills down my throat."

Haha. I love my husband. He's too funny =) As amusing as he is when he's tired though I do hope he gets caught up on his sleep soon! He's been working some crazy hours and then coming home and helping me out here.


State prisoners

Since Judah's arrival we have been late for everything and it drives me insane!! I have been working hard at trying to get places on time, so this morning I was quite proud of myself to have gotten Judah, Caleb and myself to the doctors office fifteen minutes early for Judah's appointment. Imagine my surprise when I found out we were one week and fifteen minutes early for the appointment! My next project to work on is to keep track of what day it is!!
Since we were already out and so close to the river walk we went over there and Caleb sat and read while I got my 2 mile walk done for the day. The city had some state prisoners out doing yard work, and they enjoyed seeing the baby... kinda made me nervous, and I gotta say, I was glad to see that they were well guarded by men with guns.

In the middle of the walk way I found the following declaration of love:

It reads:
"Let's be us again - Brandon and Beth
I *heart* you
Give me one more chance ...please!
*heart* B.C."
From the neat hand writing and all the hearts my guess is that Beth wrote it to Brandon... I wonder what she did wrong that she now needs to plead with him via sidewalk chalk to give her another chance. I wonder if her creative plea worked?? Guess I'll never know!!


Judah's first baby friend!

Not quite sure what to think of each other
Not very fond of each other...

Calming down a little bit

Snoozin' together

By the end of the night they were best buddies =)

Bandanna's and Piles of Clean Laundry

We've discovered that Jude will keep bandanna's on his head - so of course we're going to be taking full advantage of that fact!!
Tomorrow he has a follow up with the urologist, so we'll then know what his weight is, for all those that have been asking!!

The last few days have been hectic!! Caleb is still here - and will be until Thursday. He is just loving his nephew and the new found knowledge that babies are 'chick magnets.' =) Caleb has yet to change a diaper, but Judah did get him good last evening and threw up all over him! Go Judah!!

Last night we had two of the guys from Paul's work and their wives come over for sundaes and games. One of the couples has a baby girl one week younger than Judah, so we got some cute pictures of them, which I will post in a little bit.

Paul has today off, so right now him and Caleb are out at a movie and I *should be* folding our mountain load of clean clothes... folding and putting away clothes is not my favorite activity!!
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