The little man

Judah is doing a great job sleeping at night - he has been giving me 3 - 4 hour stretches of sleep! GO BABY!
I am trying to decide on something... it's a pretty big decision - what should we call his pacifier? Options I am considering : binky, plug or nummy. Not quite sure which one to call it. Or if I should wait and let him call it what he wants.
Who knew new parents had so many important decisions to make??


dark angel said...

hi, you have great blog, kisses from
Poland :) (www.the-life-of-death.blog4u.pl)

Anonymous said...

Oh how he is filling out. He must be gaining weight and growing out of his clothes. What a lovely thought. You have such a beautiful son.

Love AP

Essie said...

How about you call it a cork or nuk nuk, or suess or a sucker...the ideas from a very tired aunt are endless;)

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