Bandanna's and Piles of Clean Laundry

We've discovered that Jude will keep bandanna's on his head - so of course we're going to be taking full advantage of that fact!!
Tomorrow he has a follow up with the urologist, so we'll then know what his weight is, for all those that have been asking!!

The last few days have been hectic!! Caleb is still here - and will be until Thursday. He is just loving his nephew and the new found knowledge that babies are 'chick magnets.' =) Caleb has yet to change a diaper, but Judah did get him good last evening and threw up all over him! Go Judah!!

Last night we had two of the guys from Paul's work and their wives come over for sundaes and games. One of the couples has a baby girl one week younger than Judah, so we got some cute pictures of them, which I will post in a little bit.

Paul has today off, so right now him and Caleb are out at a movie and I *should be* folding our mountain load of clean clothes... folding and putting away clothes is not my favorite activity!!

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Crystal said...

He's getting big! He doesn't really look like a preemie anymore.

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