The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.  
~Author Unknown

Paul and I have goals for nearly every aspect of our life and when my photography instructor assigned homework to create a bucket list of photographs we wanted to capture I thought it was brilliant - and wondered why I didn't already have one. 

I wanted my list to be achievable but not easy.
I wanted it to cover my lifetime and fall into the goals we already have set for our life.
I wanted it to be fun and challenging.
And I want each picture to be one I would hang on my wall (though I might pass on hanging a picture from every state!) .

With great thought I sat down to make my list and below is my Photo Bucket List:
  1.  A picture in every state.
  2. Wild Alaska
  3. Fulani and their way of life (a people group in Nigeria)
  4. A child who has never seen a white person before
  5. A face that you could stare at for hours
  6. A predator in the wild
  7. A lightening storm
  8. A frozen waterfall
  9. Scotland - castles and open fields
  10. Easter Island
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