Thrift Store Shopping - Update

I haven't written an update on my Thrift Store Shopping Challenge in awhile because, to be honest, it's no longer a challenge. My closet is now full of clothes I love and every item has been purchased second hand. I have gotten more compliments on my clothes - from friends and strangers - since I have started exclusively buying clothes and accessories second hand. 

That's not to say it hasn't been a challenge. Up until a month ago it was a challenge I tackled with great enthusiasm. 
One weekend in May I went away with some friends and we spent one afternoon at the Outlets - and that is where I was truly put to the test! There were incredible deals, cute clothes and my friends were shopping. It was hard not joining in the fun! They even offered to buy me what I wanted and have me then pay for something non clothing related for them... ha! We women certainly know how to work a system. 

But that afternoon I did stay strong and stuck to my commitment to not buy any clothing or accessories from a store - and I am so proud of myself for that! It encouraged my resolve. And what was once a challenge is no longer a challenge. I am now bored of my challenge to only shop second hand stores and yard sales for myself and the boys because I have found it to be both easy and fun - the challenge is gone.

I have started to think of a new challenge for myself and I am leaning towards following in Rebecca's steps and not buy anything for a year or follow the path of the extreme minimalists and only own a small amount of clothes. I am not able to commit to either challenge quite yet as I have already dropped two pant sizes this year and plan to drop one or two more by the end of this year and out of necessity will need to buy more clothes - but I am playing around with both ideas.

In the mean time I am stocking up on cheap accessories as I find them - once I up the challenge I won't be able to indulge in these little fun finds.

Here are a few fun finds of recent:

Tweed purse by Express - $1.75

Brighton Belt - brand new with $45 tag - paid .75 cents

 Pretty peach colored earrings - $1

Necklace  - $1


Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful Saturday on your date with Judah for Alan's concert - and I am so proud of you for doing the second hand thing! I love shopping second hand and find it a challenge cause I don't get to do it very often...
Love your pics too! ...but love you more.
Dawna Parks

Jana said...

If you get tired of the purse, you can hand it down to me :)

Summer said...

Love that belt!

Jessica said...

Oh, WOW. You're doing so well! I lovelovelove that pearl necklace... I'm drooling.

Courtney Baker said...

I'm on the minimalist path, and it's tough! It wasn't so bad when we were location independent. But now that we are home, I need professional outfits for work. And heaven forbid I wear the same clothes twice a week!

mum said...

Jessica, use the $20- $30 you have of mine and buy me 'stuff' at your shops! Jewelry and clothes would be wonderful, but no purses unless you KNOW it is me as I use the same one til it falls apart...hate changing purses! And my Zambian cloth one is doing fine!!
Love you...

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