Last Day

We did the stupidest thing of our lives - this morning we got up at 4:45 to make it to Walmarts 5:00AM opening - we hadn't gone to bed till 2:30AM.
There were hundreds of people there! It was quite insane and the view from my wheelchair wasn't so nice. People were pushing, rushing, jamming aisles and cramming their carts full of things. It was unbelievable to watch all the people! We did enjoy ourselves, but now are SO tired!!

We went out for breakfast with Nathan, Anita and Levi - a final goodbye! Now we need to load the car and head out ... our life here in North Olmsted is over. Weird thought.
I think I shall sleep most of the way up to my parents! Though that is a little rude, seeing as I am the one who pushed Paul to go out with me this morning! I should stay up and keep him company!! I WILL be sleeping in tomorrow morning!

Nathan and Anita

Uncle Paul and Levi

The pregnant bellies! Our babies are due just a couple weeks apart!


Tursday Thirteen #1

13 Books I Love

1. Do They Hear You When You Cry? By Fauziya Kassindja
2. Husbands and Wives By William J. Peterson
3. Gone With the Wind By Margaret Mitchell
4. Night By Elie Wiesel
5. Princess
6. The Mark of the Lion triology By Francine Rivers
7. The Bible
8. Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austin
9. Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail By Malika Oufkir
10. Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
11. Redeeming Love By Francine Rivers
12. My Sister's Keeper By Jodi Picoult
13. Most of Mary Higgins Clark =)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not sure which is worse - having to sleep on the floor, or having a baby that dances on my bladder in the middle of the night! Either way, neither are making for a good nights sleep and today we slept in VERY late.

We had our thanksgiving day meal at the Golden Corral - mmm! All you can eat steak, turkey and pot roast! I ate lots of those three, and then some mashed potatoes and some gummy bears. Gotta love weird food cravings. I enjoyed myself though! =) We are now back in our very empty apartment just hanging out. We'll probably watch a movie a little later, and Paul might start packing the car - we've decided to leave for my parents tomorrow afternoon instead of Saturday morning. Tonight is my last night in this apartment! Weird thought.

Things I am thankful for:

A personal relationship with Christ
A sweet and lovin' hunky husband
Our baby kicking away in me as I type this
That Paul is going to Georgia and not Iraq!
Friends back home that are ready to do the "bed resting" thing with me =)


Just click on the link!

I`m my own grandpa


It's a sad fact that our apartment is cleaner now than it has ever been in the time we have lived here! Mum and Paul have been cleaning away and our place certainly smells like it!

Monday night Paul's dad, brother and another man from the chapel came and took away all of our big stuff! Our place is looking empty!

We are 'camping out' in our own apartment =) Plastic forks, knives and spoons. Styrofoam plates and cups - we are the height of style and class!

Tomorrow I am taking Paul on a 'surprise' outing - I had won two $25 gift certificates to a local spa, and since we're leaving I decided to use them tomorrow. But upon calling them to make the appointment I found out that the certificates cannot be combined, they need to be used for two seperate services either by seperate people or on different days!
So I had the brilliant idea that I would schedule an appointment for Paul with the second certificate - so he is getting the first manicure of his life tomorrow at 4:30! =) He doesn't have a clue - ah, this will be fun!! =) When you see him make sure to ask to check out his nails, they should be all purdy pretty soon!


Things I love about being pregnant - in no particular order!

~I have a baby growing inside me!
~All the extra backrubs I get from Paul!
~Eating mac & cheese with green olives!
~Bubble baths
~Debating all the baby name options
~Actually deciding on a baby name!
~Feeling the baby kicking
~Ginger snaps with cheddar cheese
~Looking at baby clothes
~Buying baby clothes
~Being given baby clothes!
~Paul talking to the baby =)
~Getting to eat MORE food
~Foot rubs from Paul
~Our baby mobile (thanks Max and Sage!)
~Cute maternity clothes
~Baby magazines
~Hearing the babies heartbeat
~The smell of baby shampoo – can’t wait to use it!
~Working on baby’s scrapbook!
~Working on baby’s birth announcement cards
~NOT being so cold all the time!
~Baby belly pictures
~Paul feeling baby kicking
~Talking to baby

Pass the Packing Tape and Sharpie Marker!

Thanks to my mum, Paul's mom and Paul our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and hall closets are ALL PACKED!!!

Paul got the bedroom, bathroom and closets done this evening, and I think plans to work some more and get the computer room done too!

His dad was able to get more boxes for us today, so we drove out to his work to pick them up - I think we have all the boxes we could possibly need - at least I HOPE we do! Packing is really not very fun! Tho I think the baby is enjoying it! The baby has been dancing away in my belly all evening!!

Between Sunday and Monday we hope to get everything moved out of here and into Paul's parents garage. Then Tuesday - Friday we have to finish off my health insurance details (headache!!), clean the apartment, pack up the belongings that are to go to Toronto and Georgia, say goodbye to friends and do anything else that my pregnancy brain has made me forget about!

On Saturday (25th) we are heading up to Canada - to a new couch for me to recline the days away on =)

Paul will stay with me until the 28th, then come back to Cleveland, do some last minute things and then he flies out on the 1st!

We are excited about Georgia ... rather randomly I found a Xanga site that belongs to a girl that I slightly remember from the camp I use to go to - I recognized the pictures of two other people that I knew quite well from camp, and seeing she lived in Georgia I sent her a message to see where she was from - she lives RIGHT around where we are moving to and goes to the church we were thinking of going to!! So cool! =)



I am a proud Army wife.

On Monday we went to the Golden Corral. In honor of Veterans Day they had free dinner for any vet. The place was PACKED. It was both sweet and sad to see all the men (and a few women!) who had served. There were old men and young men. Healthy men and disabled men. Standing in line waiting to be seated I did choke up and almost cried. I don't think it can be blamed on the pregnancy hormones. I am proud my husband is one of the men that serves.

Today the husband of the lady who lives on the lower level of our apartment is returning from Iraq!! He has been gone for 14 months!! There is a huge welcome back planned for him - Channel 19 News even plans on being here for it! Last night I couldn't sleep very well - I am just so excited for this lady that her hubby is coming home!! Hurray! Or should I say "HOOOAH!"


Going through my jewelry box....

The necklace on the left is a locket my dad bought for me when I was born!

The one on the right is a jade necklace Paul bought me when he was in Korea.

It's such a horrible picture of a very beautiful bracelet! Aunt Polly gave me this - she got it for her birthday when she was growing up! =) You can see her name engraved in it.

A necklace and bracelet set that Grandpa Dibble gave to Grandma on their wedding night! Grandma gave it to mum on her 16th birthday, and mum gave it to me on my 16th birthday!


The Orders have arrived!

We got Paul's orders today!! We have been waiting for them in order for us to get started on things like my health insurance, getting out of contracts here and having an official time line!

The orders state that Paul isn't allowed to drive his own vehicle down, and he has to live on base, and a few other details that we're not very excited about. So it now makes a few added complications to our situation... but they are things that wil have to be sorted out once he is down in Georgia, so we're not even going to think about those things right now!!

Our little baby has been very active lately!! It's fun feeling baby move around though baby is making it hard for me to sleep at night - it's so hard to get comfortable!!

The 'great name debate' is over!! We have finally settled on a name that we BOTH love! Whew, I never knew it could be so much work to name a baby! =)
The name is a secret - though it is none of the names Caleb and his friends suggested - names that included (but not limited to!); Lemon, Timberlake, Paulisa, Queen, Tootless, Kit-kat, Super-tank-child and Tonka.
No offense to you and your buddies Caleb... but those names were all rejected. Thanks for the suggestions though! Your time and creativity in those names was greatly appreciated!


Date day and other things

My sweet hubby took me out for a date - first to the grocery store (hey! I'll take what I can get!!) then he took me to Starbucks. Mmm - I got Caramel Apple Cider. YUMMY!
We sat and talked for a while and then Eric and Carrie walked through the door!! So cool =) They joined us at our little table and we talked for quite awhile longer. Fun times.

Earlier today Paul's mom came over and Paul and his mom got our kitchen all packed up! Hurray. This place is slowly getting packed up!

My mom left me lots of little presents for me to open - just one a day - after she left. Todays present was a kids book "What Was That!" It was one of my favourite books as a kid - though I had completely forgotten about it till I opened it this morning. So of course I had to read it to Paul, and he liked it too. =) Thanks for remembering it mom!!! And thanks for all the times you read it to me... I don't think I can stand to read it over and over and over and over again! Good thing I have Paul =) Daddy can be the story reader!


A colorful family!

Baby twins born with different skin colors!! Check out the story HERE


Staying postive =)

“I’m actually looking forward to being liberated by childbirth. While my fellow expectant mothers anticipate losing mobility and independence, I can’t wait to be off bed rest and carry my baby and his hundreds of accoutrements through the house and out into the world. I’ll be free!” - a quote I found online

A cool website

Send a postcard to someone serving overseas - LET'S SAY THANKS

Belly pictures - 23 weeks

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