A Day at the Swamp

Amanda, Judah and I went to the swamp today. I love, love, love it there so much!! Definitely one of my favorite places to go with a camera! We saw lots of beautiful creatures! Does anyone know what the bird floating in the water is?

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Mole, Mole Go Away

I had an appointment this morning with a Dermatologist. I have had a raised mole at the base of my neck for as long as I can remember and I have always hated it and wanted it removed. My family doctor back in Ontario said that it would be considered cosmetic surgery for me to have it removed since it was of no medical concern, and cosmetic surgery would mean that I would have to pay for it out of pocket... so I never actually did anything about it. Until two weeks ago when I saw my own doctor down here and she said she would refer me to a dermatologist. I walked in this morning not really knowing what to expect - and thirty minutes later I walked out minus my mole! Moles make me feel rather icky to discuss - I think they are gross and nasty things, and actually seeing it scraped off of me was gross beyond words. Why would any one chose to work with moles?? Ew, ew, ew!! So I shall spare you all the details. I will spare myself from having to think about it and replay it in my mind.
I am excited to be able to take the bandaid off in the morning though and see the clear, smooth skin where this nasty bumpy thing use to be!

Amanda was with me, watching Judah in the waiting room, and after the appointment we met up with Paul and went to the defac for lunch - $3.15 for me and $3.65 for Amanda, can't beat that! And they were serving steak today! Mmm! Paul was kindly approached by a major telling him that he should be careful about PDA while in uniform outdoors. We have heard 'rumors' about this rule - no PDA in public while in uniform - but is it really a rule? Does anyone know? Is a uniformed solider allowed to hold hands with his wife/girlfriend in public? I am thinking that Sarge Charlie may be the only one who knows this answer as he is the only military person I know that reads this =) But if you know please tell me!

Anyways - back to the defac. While the grown ups enjoyed a delicious meal Judah had his own treat - chocolate ice cream! We gave him a little bit of it on our fingers and he enjoyed it. It was his first time trying ice cream. I think we should be starting on veggies soon!

In Case You're Interested...

Victoria's Secret is discontinuing their My Desire scent from the Victoria's Secret Garden line. All of those products are currently 75% off the original price. It is a very pretty scent!!

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Judah and his Auntie Amanda having a chat


Still Got that Touch!

Amanda and I have always been shopping buddies. Ever since our mum's use to allow us to go to the mall on our own we have been capable of spending hours shopping. Seriously - one time we spent well over 6 hours at the mall. Having not seen each other much over the last several years we haven't done much shopping together. A store here or a store there, but nothing like the serious shopping of days gone by. But today we fixed that. We spent a good six hours shopping! We tried on fancy dresses just like the good old days - one ugly, hideous dress just for laughs and one that we would buy if we had the money and occasion to wear it. Sadly all we had with us were the cameras on our phones, so they aren't very good quality pictures.
We smelt all the fragrances VS has, checked the clearance sections in the baby stores (Gymboree had a pair of 6-9 month pants for $2.99 down from $24.99!) looked for a hair band to go with Amanda's wedding dress, tried on a ton of clothes, and bought a few pieces of clothes for ourselves. It was a very fun day!

Don't Jump!

Yesterday Amanda, Paul, Judah and I drove to Isle of the Palms to spend the day at the beach. While we were driving along the highway I saw a man standing on top of a bridge that crossed over the highway.
"Oh no!" I thought "This man is suicidal and is going to jump!"
We got closer and we all realized, with great dread, that it was actually a cop standing there with a radar gun. As any good speeder would do, Paul slowed down as soon as he saw who it was, but it was too late. Just beyond the bridge were SIX police cars, just waiting to nab the speeders. It was a rather effective speed trap as within minutes of us being pulled over by one of those cars, every other police car chased down other speeders.
Our police officer was a very nice man and let Paul off with a warning - which was super, super nice as Paul was going 15 miles over the speed limit and that would have been a hefty ticket!

The beach itself was crowded! Last time we were there we had explored a little bit and found an area that was far away from anything else and, at that time, was completely deserted. Yesterday it was packed full of people , but the 'main' beach area was more than packed with people so we were at the best spot on that beach for sure!!
It was nice having three adults there as one of us could stay with Judah and the other two could go play in the waves! Judah did go in the ocean once for a little bit, he liked splashing around. But most of the time he just hung out in his shaded stroller!
Here he is enjoying the water - I just love his fat belly!

We went to Charleston and walked around the market for a little bit.
Then we got ten cent chicken wings! Mmm Yum!
Then we walked to the pier and hung out there for a little while before heading home.



Pool Drama

Some people have a lot of nerve!! Amanda and I were at the pool this afternoon (while Judah and Paul bonded in the air conditioned apartment!) and some random guy on the other side of the pool took a picture of us on his cell phone. Umm - hello? That was rather rude!! Neither of us had the guts to actually do anything about it, however I would have loved to of walked over, casually picked up that phone, and then tossed it in the pool. For some reason I would have found that fun.

We had a ton of fun at the pool, apart from that rude man. There were a whole bunch of kids (because where else would kids be on a 90 degree day??) and we made friends with several of them. "Best Friends" in fact. It was so much fun acting like a little kid splashing and kicking and spinning in the water!

Tomorrow we are going to the beach to swim in the ocean. Paul has the day off so he is able to come too - Yay!

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Have you found any great Memorial Day Sales any where? Please do let me know!! I have found two good ones so far.

Hollywood Video is having a great sale on previously viewed DVDS starting at $1.99 up to 4 for $30.

And Bath and Body Works has their antibacterial hand soap/lotion etc products on sale 5 for $10 (they are usually $4.50 - $5.00 each) so it is a great sale! And their products smell so yummy!!

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It is so much fun having Amanda here! Yesterday we drove out to a nearby lake and sun tanned on the beach and then drove around the damn just looking at the beautiful surroundings. Today she accompanied me on my walk on the track and we did grocery shopping. Now we are just bumming around at home waiting for Paul to come home so we can grill out and then go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It will be Judah's second movie =)
At the grocery store today and I asked Amanda about something I wanted to cook for dinner, if she thought it would work.
Her response was "I don't see why not ... but if it doesn't work we can always call our mothers."
It made me laugh ... one day WE will be "the mothers" that will be called upon to answer all the tough questions ... I think my wise answer then will be "go ask your Grandma." Judah will be four months old tomorrow. FOUR months!! Soon we will get to decide when and how to introduce foods to him. Paul and I are both so very excited about introducing him to the wonderful world of food. He has had a few very brief introductions to it - we have given him chicken to lick and different veggies to chomp on. And one night we stupidly gave him a few drops of lemon aid and he was up *all night* long, hyper as anything. Oops!

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You've Got Mail

Judah got a package in the mail today from his Aunt Essie. He loves his new orange shirt and wanted me to post these pictures to say THANK YOU!!


Name This Tune!

I heard a song on the radio today and I have tried googling it and can't find it. It was on the country station and I *thought* they said it was Keith Urban and something about it being in honor of Memorial Day. Does anyone know the song I heard??

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Military Wife

I am proud that I am a military wife.
Today at the airport there was a large number of soldiers who had just returned from serving in Iraq. There was clapping and cheering from all the people standing around the airport and I just wanted to walk up and hug each one of them and give tell each one thank you. But I couldn't. I couldn't even clap. I stood and watched each one of them walking by and I had tears streaming down my face. Happy tears and sad tears. Happy tears for the ones that were standing there, home and so close to being with their families. Sad tears for the ones that sacrificed their lives for us, and for their loved ones that will never see them again.

It is an interesting thing - being a Canadian by birth I never would have imagined that I would feel the way I do about the US Army (for those wondering, I do have American citizenship now!) I am proud of my husband and I am proud of all the other men and women that serve this country.

I am currently in 19th place!! I need 50 more votes to make it to 16th place, which is my goal for the day!! Thanks for all the votes!!

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I Heart Blogging

Blogging is like an addicting drug. When I'm not doing it I am thinking about it. Or dreaming about it. The past week has been rather hectic with the inlaws, dinner guests, dentist appointments and a serious sunburn - I haven't had - or made - much time for blogging. And I miss it.

Paul's family left on Tuesday morning, which was the same day our pool opened here. Of course I couldn't resist going down to the pool to relax and hang out with the other moms - three hours later I was as red as Rudolph's nose. Two days later I am still red and still yelp whenever Paul tries to hug me too tightly.

Wednesday I went to the dentist ... I have now joined Crystal and Jessica the Rock Chick with, what will soon be, my own mini series of Dentistry Drama.

Judah is just a little charmer. At the dentist yesterday he was strapped in to his little car seat facing me in the dentist seat. He laughed and smiled and cooed the entire time. I kid you not. This child was determined to make me laugh while those sharp pesky dentist instruments were in my mouth! It almost worked, except that he was entertaining the dentist too, and she had the good sense to pull said instruments out of my mouth before laughing at him.

My friend Amanda is flying in today, so Judah and I need to get ready and head off to Atlanta to pick her up!! I am so super excited! Hopefully the blogging will continue even with her here!


Paul's family has been here visiting for the last few days. Here are some pictures from Saturday when we went to a nature park.


A Thank you

I just wanted to say a THANK YOU to those of you that are faithfully voting for me!! It means a lot to me!! I am currently in 27th place ... in order to get to first place I need over 4,000 votes! Seems impossible BUT I know there are creative people out there! Any thoughts or ideas on how to get more people voting? Thanks again for your daily support!

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Nap Time

Here is Judah during what is suppose to be his nap! I walked in on him and he was being all chatty and cute. When he sees me standing there with the camera can't you just see him thinking "Oh, I am being watched.What are you doing here?"

Seek and You will Find

I have my blog set up so it tells me where people are coming from when they view my blog. I love it because I get a lot of hits from people doing google or yahoo or msn searches and some of these searches are just hilarious! I have no idea how they end up on my blog from some of these searches!!
Here are five searches that led people to my blog in the past week:

Facts on Ruby
Funny Suntan that Left Lines
Heaven was Needing
Myspace Belated Birthday
Old Lady Underwear Drawer

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Sick People

I discovered something rather disturbing this week. I was looking through all of my uploaded movies on www.youtube.com and was checking how many times each one had been viewed. On average each movie had been viewed slightly over 100 times. Then I got to one of the first movies I'd uploaded - one of Paul changing Judah's diaper in the hospital. The title of it is simply 'DIAPER CHANGE.' That one, interestingly enough, has been viewed nearly 4,000 times.

I thought it was odd, and I clicked on it to view it, and as any one who has watched movies on youtube knows, when you are watching one movie similarly tagged movies are listed on the right hand side. ALL of the diaper movies listed have been viewed thousands and thousands of times each. One of them is in the 20,000 range!

Then it hit me - perverts are probably on there trying to get a view of naked babies. It makes me sick to think that. The one I'd uploaded didn't have any images of his privates, so I feel a little better knowing that who ever THEY are didn't see anything, but ew. It makes me so mad that people would do that. I deleted that movie. But I am sorely tempted to put another one up titled the same thing with a movie of a sign saying
"You are a sick, sick person. Don't violate innocent children this way."

If you have uploaded movies to youtube I encourage you to check the number of hits those movies have gotten and see if any are unusually high. If they are see if there's anything in it that a pervert could be watching it to their advantage.

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Who's Your Daddy?

Last week a five year old girl asked if Paul was my daddy. *cough* Um, no little girl. I already told you that Paul was Judah's daddy and I am Judah's mommy. I think her logic was that Paul is almost a foot taller than me, and parents are always taller .... it made me laugh anyway - after I got over the disturbing image she placed in my mind.

The very next day someone approached me and said I looked familiar what high school did I go to?
I told her I wasn't in school, I was married and had a baby.
She said that I didn't look a day over 17.
So I told her I was 21 - just to clarify the fact that I wasn't a high school drop out.

I am at that stage in life where I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing for people to think I look younger than I am.
Though in some places people think I look older than I am, which is something as teen you always want - but at what age does that become an insult?

I think people are confused. Like this man who approached me in the grocery store last week. He looked at Judah and talked with me a bit about him and then said "How old is he? Let me guess ... about one week old?"

I love people. They make the world a funny place.


God's Provision

A sunset in Nigeria

As some of you know my Grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle and their children are missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. Last week they had some robbers come to the compound. It was a very scary incident, but God's loving provision and protection is so evident in this story!
Here is the story from my Aunts perspective. I have edited it a little bit for clarification. Tom is my Uncle and Julie and Ben mentioned in the story are my cousins.

"It turns out the insurgents came in a black 4x4 jeep.
I had just left theater (I think that is the operating room!) and come to my office to pack things up to leave for the night; it was just after 9:30 pm.
While packing up I heard noise outside my office door and thought that it was probably my TB patients having one of their squabbles.
Someone then knocked on my door. This BIG guy with black trousers came in along with some other guys and I remember thinking; 'why are police coming at this hour and not wearing complete uniforms?' Then the big guy came closer and I could see he was pulling a pistol out from behind his belt and that it was a locally made shotgun pistol.
I knew then these were not police and thought 'OH-OH!! See me, see trouble!!'
He very nicely told me to just co-operate and they wouldn’t harm me.
He asked for money and I showed him a box by my feet.
He said that little bit wasn’t money, and one of the guys with him said "just shoot her". He refused, and I showed him the rest of the money.
The greedy thieves ransacked my office and took every last penny the hospital had except for 70 Naira (which is less than $1.00), and the little bit of X-ray money they didn’t find.
After that they asked for my car keys, I told them they were in the car. They took me outside and forced me to start the car, turn it off and start it again and then they said leave the keys in the ignition and get out.

While I was in the office they told me they were going to kill my husband and if they didn’t get him they would kill me.
The guy asked, “Your husband has guns”?
I said very matter of factly, "yes, he has a gun."
They said they were going to get the kids to use as shields because Dad wouldn’t shoot them with his kids in front of them. Then one of the guys put his gun barrel to my throat and grabbed my neck with the other hand and ordered me to lead them up to the house, while four others were instructed to stay down with the car. I told the guy squeezing my neck to leave me alone as I wasn’t intending on going anywhere but he just held me tighter!! Nasty man!
I was procrastinating, hoping that somebody, somehow would make their way up to the house to warn Tom, and I was thinking, trying to figure out how I could let them know at the house this was happening before we got there.
Then I turned my head as much as I dared and looked at the guy holding me and said, "why are you doing this, behaving like this. We are all human beings now."
Stupid me, I should have spoken Igala to see if they spoke it as I know it would have thrown them off guard. Anyways, I’ll file that trick for next time!!

When we got to the gate they remembered to ask where to guards were. I pointed to them lying down in front of the print shop and started planning again. Already there was a lot of talking and shouting going on. Dr. Ighodaro came out of the house so I started calling to the guards to leave their GUNS alone and NOT to SHOOT. I said it in Igala and in English hoping Dr. would hear. He went back in and told those in the living room that something was happening outside.
Brave Ben came out to investigate. I SHOUTED at him "Ben get back inside quickly". He jumps in and locks the door. Tom sent him for his torch (flashlight) so that he could come and check things out, then, moments later as we are nearing the house one of the guys shouts “open the door”.
Tom doesn't open the door, but shouts back "who are you"?
The guy replies in a menacing voice "just open the door", and leers "go get your gun if you want to".
Tom saw only two choices to make; get the gun or open the door and face the menace without it. While he was arming himself they shot into the house, shooting at the guys making a noise in the rec. room.
Meanwhile my escort and I were at the living room window, I somehow engineered him over there because I wanted to see what was going on inside.

Others shot again; they shot three times into the house. Meanwhile one of the guys was shouting for Ben to unlock the door. Ben rushed over and unlocked it, then he ran back to hide in the rec. room. Unlocking the door wasn't good enough; they wanted Ben to open the door so they could grab him. He was actually on his way to opening it when he saw Tom come from the office leveling his gun.

Wisely, prudently, he dived into the rec. room again, just as Tom started shooting. The robbers were already three to four feet inside the front door brandishing their guns; Tom says “this was no time for negotiation”.
The sight of Tom and the sound of the gun going off in the living room they panicked, one fell, the other stumbled over him, and then fell down the front stairs, they both got up, and ran for their lives; they were gone in a flash. When the guy with the gun at my neck ran and why he didn’t shoot me before he took flight I don’t know. YES, I do. It was entirely the Lord’s working. Tom followed them out the door and shot off some more rounds.

Tom came back into the house for more ammo, and then promptly went out to see if the compound was clear. The insurgents were gone, running away with all the money the hospital had and my car. Tom did not know that they were holding me hostage out side the door when he came shooting - just as well he didn’t. They had called to him that they had is wife but at that time he was in his office getting the gun and didn't hear them. The Lord over ruled in so many ways. Julie and Dr. Fred had just left my office and they actually walked past the guys on their way home. I am so glad I was in my office and that there was money there for them to take away. If they had gone to our house there wasn’t 2,000.00 Naira there, and they would probably just have started shooting. And then the fact that Ben bounced inside and locked the front door instinctively – that made a real difference in timing and Tom’s ability to react. People now tell me that I shouldn’t come to my office at night again but I argue that point. Things could have been so much worse if I hadn’t been there. They say I should hide/bank all the money but I don’t think so, it was because there was money there that we were saved from a lot more trouble. True things will be very hard for the hospital financially for a long time but at least we are alive to struggle for it. It is so fantastic to see how the Lord over ruled in all of this.

On Monday I went to Ankpa with Kamal to file a police report and they sent a signal to Lokoja about the car. We will wait and see how the Lord works this one out, I don’t have much hope getting my car back in any thing like the nice shape it was in. Yesterday we also heard that after the insurgents left us here they went to Inye, they shot and killed an Ibo man while raiding his store."

Baby Swaddling Blankets

My mum has started making these fabulous swaddling blankets! My great Aunt made a whole bunch of them for Judah and they were our favourite thing to swaddle him with. The unique shape allows for a tight and cozy and EASY swaddle! I am listing them on ETSY. Some are up now, and I have a few more patterns to add. The Jeep pattern at the bottom is my favourite!

Here is the shape and illustration on how to swaddle with this blanket:

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My dear friend Heather just got engaged last weekend!! This picture is from when she was a bridesmaid in my wedding two years ago- which was the last time I saw her! We were introduced to each other online by a mutual friend ... I don't know ... seven years ago? ... we have seen each other a grand total of three times in all those years.
CONGRATS Heather dear!!

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Designing Diva

The jewelry that Randi Sue from Designing Diva made arrived today! These are the pieces that I won for the essay I wrote. The pieces are beautiful and my pictures are awful ... I should really learn how to take professional looking pictures of jewelry! Her work is incredible. I was very impressed when I opened the package today! Check out her other jewelry and take the time to vote for her - she is trying to go to Fashion Week in NYC to showcase her work!

Music Baby

Judah loves music. He loves rap music, country music, hip hop music, praise and worship music, classical music, bouncy kid music, pop music and my off key singing. He laughs the most when I am the one singing to him. I wish I could hear his thoughts. I'm sure they're somewhere along the line of
"Wow... does she know she sounds like a rooster with a sore throat? How funny ... I like roosters! Ohh... now she sounds like a toad that got run over."
But oh well. How many people get serenaded? Or songs written personally for them?
Judah doesn't always love all styles of music. He is developing his own music style. He loves his rap music when he's hungry and the milk machines are out shopping and he's at home (or sitting in the car) with his daddy. The bouncy kid music is a hit when he's got gas.

I am proud to say that he loves my singing any time! But I have competition. Judah adores Johnny Cash. It's kind of funny how much he likes this man! We think it's because Paul has played the guitar to him since he was in my belly. Johnny Cash can hush our baby when Momma Rooster voice doesn't feel like singing or when the rap music is giving us a headache. Which is good, because we love Johnny Cash too.

I have just ordered the Laurie Berkner Band music video DVD from Netflix for Judah. It should be arriving in the mail today. Of all the kids singing DVDs out there this is one that I could watch over and over again! The songs are funny and clever. Way better than the Wiggles or Barney. I actually can't wait to go get the mail!

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A Book

I bought a neat book a few weeks ago entitled "What My Parents Did Right" - it is a parenting book filled with things that parents did right and that their now adult children appreciated. I thought it was such a neat idea for a book. What an encouragement to their parents! It has gotten me thinking about what my parents have done "right" and it has sparked a lot of conversations between Paul and me about what we want our kids to say we did "right."

One thing I remember so vividly that my dad did for me was build me a wooden toy airplane.
I was young and we'd been out on a walk and I found a little wing nut. To me it was like this precious jewel and I was so excited to have found this shiny, oddly shaped object. Dad was excited about it for me, and he ended up making me this wooden plane and the wing nut was the propeller for the plane.
That one, seemingly insignificant, incident (I don't know if he'll even remember that plane!) meant a lot to me. It meant that there was nothing too small or too silly. It meant that, with some creativity, you can make the best out of things.

I haven't finished the book yet, in fact I am only on chapter 4 of a 55 chapter book. But already I love this book and would recommend it to parents! Go out and buy yourself a copy!!

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I was at the doctors today and -with his clothes on- Judah is up to 12 pounds! He is really getting FAT! I love fat babies so much!!

Yesterday he had his first run in with what I am sure will be many bumps and bruises in his childhood. He rolled off of the couch on to the floor. I'd stepped out of the room f or seriously twenty seconds and I heard a thud and then screams. That was the scariest moment of my life I think.
But he proved himself to be a true male - as soon as food was offered he was happy!

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Mother's Day

This cartoon totally cracked me up!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!

Judah got me two beautiful calla lilies - see:

And at church each mom got a red rose, we had a catered Mexican lunch, and then some of us got to take the center pieces home. The center pieces are gorgeous!! See:

It has been a very flower-y day!!

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hysterical that they actually make cards that read "For my wife on mother's day" ?? Paul bought me one, a really cute one, that I LOVE. He picks out the best cards for me, and he knows I love them. BUT I still find it funny that they make mother's day cards for your wife...

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Why My Mum Rocks

This is the winning essay I wrote about my mum! Happy Mother's Day mum!

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So cute!

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Blog for a Year...

Can I beg and plead you -my blog reader- to do something for me? There is a contest going on where someone will end up getting paid $80,000 for a years worth of blogging. Imagine what one could do with $80,000 ... well, I already have! And it's listed under the reasons for why you should vote for me! The contest will continue until January 1, 2008 and you can vote once a day! So I will keep a link on the top left hand side and each day it will be there and you can just click on it and then click the link to vote! There is no registering, no giving out any personal information. All you need to do is click!
If I win I will host a huge contest for my faithful blog readers to make it worth your while!

Like Father Like Son

It made me laugh when I saw these two pictures - their eyes match each other!

Thursday Thirteen #22

I am going to try to do the Thursday Thirteen again each week!! Today it is thirteen of my favorite foods to have around the house!

1. TEA!! I love tea so very, very much!!

2. I know salad spritzers were 'the thing' like two years ago... but I have only recently bought them for us and I LOVE them!!

3. Mmm! Yum! Wine gums!! You know how most couples have "their song" or "their movie" or "their restaurant" ... ya, well for Paul and me this is "our candy."

4. Like I said... I love tea!! I just discovered this powder form and it is super good especially in smoothies!

5. As if soy milk isn't delicious enough on its own ... I discovered this Peppermint Chocolate kind and it is amazing!! (I bought one for you Aunt Polly, if you'd like it!)

6. Can you say a-d-d-i-c-t-i-n-g? This is the best apple cider mix out there!

7. This is something I have discovered since moving down South. It is delicious poured on top of cream cheese and then served with crackers.

8. I love the convenience of these - just pour one into a bottle of water and voila - lemonade!!

9. These are a great snack!

10. I go through several cans of these a week ... either made into hummus or eaten straight out of the can.

11. I'll take any excuse to drink milk ... this stuff is yummy!

12. We keep a lot of frozen fruit in our freezer. It is cheaper than fresh fruit, and it makes for amazingly yummy smoothies!

13. As much as I love tea I love coffee too! Paul is a coffee snob, and there are only certain brands I am allowed to buy, and it has to always be whole beans, for us to grind ourselves as needed!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!
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