Mother's Day

This cartoon totally cracked me up!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!

Judah got me two beautiful calla lilies - see:

And at church each mom got a red rose, we had a catered Mexican lunch, and then some of us got to take the center pieces home. The center pieces are gorgeous!! See:

It has been a very flower-y day!!

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely hysterical that they actually make cards that read "For my wife on mother's day" ?? Paul bought me one, a really cute one, that I LOVE. He picks out the best cards for me, and he knows I love them. BUT I still find it funny that they make mother's day cards for your wife...

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The Rock Chick said...

Flowery indeed!!! You deserve them! Happy !st Mother's Day to you!!!!!

I've been voting every day!!! That would be totally sweet to win! I would love it. Maybe with your essay win, you're on a lucky streak ...I'm a poker player, I KNOW lucky streaks exist :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


Sarge Charlie said...

happy 1st mothers day and many more to come

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