Seek and You will Find

I have my blog set up so it tells me where people are coming from when they view my blog. I love it because I get a lot of hits from people doing google or yahoo or msn searches and some of these searches are just hilarious! I have no idea how they end up on my blog from some of these searches!!
Here are five searches that led people to my blog in the past week:

Facts on Ruby
Funny Suntan that Left Lines
Heaven was Needing
Myspace Belated Birthday
Old Lady Underwear Drawer

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1 comment:

Crystal said...

Hah! What a fun idea. I've had some weird ones too. I might be a copy cat. ;oP

BTW, a meme is a FANTABULOUS idea! I knew you'd come through, girl. Now we just need a name. Hmm. What days are in need of a new meme? Monday? Tuesday?

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