I Heart Blogging

Blogging is like an addicting drug. When I'm not doing it I am thinking about it. Or dreaming about it. The past week has been rather hectic with the inlaws, dinner guests, dentist appointments and a serious sunburn - I haven't had - or made - much time for blogging. And I miss it.

Paul's family left on Tuesday morning, which was the same day our pool opened here. Of course I couldn't resist going down to the pool to relax and hang out with the other moms - three hours later I was as red as Rudolph's nose. Two days later I am still red and still yelp whenever Paul tries to hug me too tightly.

Wednesday I went to the dentist ... I have now joined Crystal and Jessica the Rock Chick with, what will soon be, my own mini series of Dentistry Drama.

Judah is just a little charmer. At the dentist yesterday he was strapped in to his little car seat facing me in the dentist seat. He laughed and smiled and cooed the entire time. I kid you not. This child was determined to make me laugh while those sharp pesky dentist instruments were in my mouth! It almost worked, except that he was entertaining the dentist too, and she had the good sense to pull said instruments out of my mouth before laughing at him.

My friend Amanda is flying in today, so Judah and I need to get ready and head off to Atlanta to pick her up!! I am so super excited! Hopefully the blogging will continue even with her here!


The Rock Chick said...

Oh no! Not a dentist drama!!!!! You have my utmost sympathies. I hope it's not too serious.

My word of advice is don't take advice from me about dental anxieties :)

Jessica The Rock Chick

Anonymous said...

I never knew that tings like this could be so fun, u definitely find joy in little things :) like me and Helium. haha.

~Aunt Sarah!

Anonymous said...


Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

I am one with "dental drama" too. It is sad how many people at the dental office recognize me.

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