All about purses

Crystal has tagged me!! She is just dying to see what type of bag a cool mom like me carries around ... so I will indulge her curiosities as I think this is a pretty cool tag, and I have my own people whose purses I want to see the contents of!!

This is my purse that functions as a diaper bag. I have two diaper bags that I alternate between - depending on my mood and what I am wearing. Yup - I am one of those people who switches purses depending on what I am wearing. I own a lot of purses. I love purses!! I can't wait to claim back the smaller ones!!

But anyways... my rant is over - HERE is the fabulous bag I carry around with me: It was given to me just before I got married and I used it on my wedding day ( my stuff was in it, someone else took care of caring it from point A to point B.) I love it so much - but have a feeling that it will not remain white for long ...

Here are the contents of my purse. Every single thing that was in it!! I know you're allowed to 'clean it out' before you take this picture (so long as a picture is taken and posted of the garbage that was removed!!) But other than the gum wrapper and my name tag I didn't have garbage!!

Here is a description of what is in my purse starting from the top left corner and going across.

-Animal crackers for when I get hungry!
- Strawberry gummies for dessert...
- Kleenex
- ONE sock ... not sure where the mate is!
- My day planner
- A pen that always gets lost
- Gum
- A book - came in handy when I had to wait for the roadside assistance dude to fix my flat tire!
- A pacifier
- A hair elastic
- My keys... not sure why I have so many keys... but I do!
- My wallet
- Sunglasses
- A notebook
- My name tag from the conference this weekend
- An empty gum wrapper, which I will throw out when I repack my purse!
- A sewing kit ... not that I will ever use it seeing as I never sew... but it makes me feel good to know it's there.
- A burp cloth
- A pack of wipes
- Multiple diapers

There - the tour of my purse is over! Hope you enjoyed!!

Here are the five people whose purses I would like to see:

JESSICA the Rock Chick
My sister ESTHER
KRISTIN because she is a mom too and I want to know if I am missing any important baby item in my bag!
and finally SANDY's blog

Anyone who wants to play can though - let me know if you participated!! I want to see these purses!!


amy said...

I so ned to get in the habit of carrying a purse...I have never used one!!!

Answers arent supposed to come from your own blog so if you can another one great, if not, everyones getting credit today

The Rock Chick said...

Ask and you shall receive!!! I did a blog entry about my purse just for you!!!!!

Michelle said...

I just happened to read the comment you left over at Amy's scavenger hunt, about my blog, and wanted to say thank you! That was so sweet!

I love your purse! It looks very stylish and practical!

Your son is adorable too!

The Rock Chick said...

I got my purse at JCPenney's about two months ago. I love it!!!!

Thanks for doing this! It was fun and I havent been able to think of anything to blog about the last couple of days!!!!!!

Amy said...

Hello...I was blog hopping tonight and came across yours...LOVED the idea and had to join in on the fun :)

C'mon over and check out my purse and ALL the stuff in it...I didn't realize just how much I had in it.

Thanks again for the fun idea :)

Sarge Charlie said...

sorry, I do not have a purse

Crystal said...

I like it, it's nice! Can I have it? ;oP

No dried spit up, please. ;o)

Anonymous said...

you need a change of clothes for judah!!!! beleive me... you will need it one day!!!! -ash

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