Music Baby

Judah loves music. He loves rap music, country music, hip hop music, praise and worship music, classical music, bouncy kid music, pop music and my off key singing. He laughs the most when I am the one singing to him. I wish I could hear his thoughts. I'm sure they're somewhere along the line of
"Wow... does she know she sounds like a rooster with a sore throat? How funny ... I like roosters! Ohh... now she sounds like a toad that got run over."
But oh well. How many people get serenaded? Or songs written personally for them?
Judah doesn't always love all styles of music. He is developing his own music style. He loves his rap music when he's hungry and the milk machines are out shopping and he's at home (or sitting in the car) with his daddy. The bouncy kid music is a hit when he's got gas.

I am proud to say that he loves my singing any time! But I have competition. Judah adores Johnny Cash. It's kind of funny how much he likes this man! We think it's because Paul has played the guitar to him since he was in my belly. Johnny Cash can hush our baby when Momma Rooster voice doesn't feel like singing or when the rap music is giving us a headache. Which is good, because we love Johnny Cash too.

I have just ordered the Laurie Berkner Band music video DVD from Netflix for Judah. It should be arriving in the mail today. Of all the kids singing DVDs out there this is one that I could watch over and over again! The songs are funny and clever. Way better than the Wiggles or Barney. I actually can't wait to go get the mail!

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The Rock Chick said...

You've got a lot of posts today!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Is Barney actually still around? My oldest daughter was hooked, addicted, obsessed with Barney. Something bugged me about Barney when I first saw him so I conveniently never let the TV turn to that channel when she was around. The hubby was home with her one time and thought...oh cool0Let's watch Barney!!!!

Before I knew it we had Barney videos, stuffed animals, bedding, curtains, clothes and I was forced to sing the "I love you" song about 400 times a day. That phase only lasted a short two years.

Johnny Cash sounds way better!!!!!!!


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