Just typing...

Paul is not yet home and Judah is in bed, so I thought I would write on here.

I have gotten a little bit lazy with this blog. I haven't had anything to write about really.

I still don't have anything to write about, so this shall be ramblings from me.

Judah is doing very well at keeping his head upright. He loves to look at the world around him!! And he loves everybody - he will go to anyone that wants to hold him, and there are usually lots of people around to hold him =)

I really need to take him in for his shots. I am more curious about his weight than I am anxious about getting him his shots. Ick. I think I will schedule the shots for a day that Paul has off work and I will let Paul take him in, those types of things don't bother Paul in the least.

It is pool weather here, but our pool isn't operating yet. "SOON" they keep telling us (all of the mum's have been hounding them!!). The pool had a leak, so they decided to repaint everything as well as fix the leak. Hopefully it really will be soon that the pool is in running order. The mumma's want to socialize and suntan on the pool deck!!


The Rock Chick said...

It's not quite pool weather here yet, but I cheated over the weekend and took the kids to an indoor water park. So much fun!!! It is supposed to make you feel like you are in Key West, FL and when you open the door to the water park, you are blasted with really hot and humid air. It was great!!! (my kind of weather).

Crystal said...

I haven't had much to say either. Looks like you broke your dry spell though. lol

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