Don't Jump!

Yesterday Amanda, Paul, Judah and I drove to Isle of the Palms to spend the day at the beach. While we were driving along the highway I saw a man standing on top of a bridge that crossed over the highway.
"Oh no!" I thought "This man is suicidal and is going to jump!"
We got closer and we all realized, with great dread, that it was actually a cop standing there with a radar gun. As any good speeder would do, Paul slowed down as soon as he saw who it was, but it was too late. Just beyond the bridge were SIX police cars, just waiting to nab the speeders. It was a rather effective speed trap as within minutes of us being pulled over by one of those cars, every other police car chased down other speeders.
Our police officer was a very nice man and let Paul off with a warning - which was super, super nice as Paul was going 15 miles over the speed limit and that would have been a hefty ticket!

The beach itself was crowded! Last time we were there we had explored a little bit and found an area that was far away from anything else and, at that time, was completely deserted. Yesterday it was packed full of people , but the 'main' beach area was more than packed with people so we were at the best spot on that beach for sure!!
It was nice having three adults there as one of us could stay with Judah and the other two could go play in the waves! Judah did go in the ocean once for a little bit, he liked splashing around. But most of the time he just hung out in his shaded stroller!
Here he is enjoying the water - I just love his fat belly!

We went to Charleston and walked around the market for a little bit.
Then we got ten cent chicken wings! Mmm Yum!
Then we walked to the pier and hung out there for a little while before heading home.

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careise said...

Oh my goodness, you were right down the way from me :o) I live a/b 30 mins away from Isle of palms.
What brought you guys over here? Did u enjoy your visit, well besides the beach being so crowded....as is most of the day...one reason we dont go very often. haha!

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