Sick People

I discovered something rather disturbing this week. I was looking through all of my uploaded movies on www.youtube.com and was checking how many times each one had been viewed. On average each movie had been viewed slightly over 100 times. Then I got to one of the first movies I'd uploaded - one of Paul changing Judah's diaper in the hospital. The title of it is simply 'DIAPER CHANGE.' That one, interestingly enough, has been viewed nearly 4,000 times.

I thought it was odd, and I clicked on it to view it, and as any one who has watched movies on youtube knows, when you are watching one movie similarly tagged movies are listed on the right hand side. ALL of the diaper movies listed have been viewed thousands and thousands of times each. One of them is in the 20,000 range!

Then it hit me - perverts are probably on there trying to get a view of naked babies. It makes me sick to think that. The one I'd uploaded didn't have any images of his privates, so I feel a little better knowing that who ever THEY are didn't see anything, but ew. It makes me so mad that people would do that. I deleted that movie. But I am sorely tempted to put another one up titled the same thing with a movie of a sign saying
"You are a sick, sick person. Don't violate innocent children this way."

If you have uploaded movies to youtube I encourage you to check the number of hits those movies have gotten and see if any are unusually high. If they are see if there's anything in it that a pervert could be watching it to their advantage.

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The Rock Chick said...

That is sickening! When I used to be on AOL years ago, I had 3 kids in diapers. On the profile they ask what your hobbies are and I wrote changing diapers and unsticking food from the dining room floor. That pretty much summed up my life back then! LOL

Anyway, I used to get all kinds of IMs from weirdos who liked "diaper changes". Gross. I didn't even like changing my own kids diapers...I can't even imagine....

My mom always says it takes all kinds to make a world. Apparantly so.

Have fun this weekend with your in-laws!! I'm sure they'll be so happy to spend time with the baby!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness... how disturbing!

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