Still Got that Touch!

Amanda and I have always been shopping buddies. Ever since our mum's use to allow us to go to the mall on our own we have been capable of spending hours shopping. Seriously - one time we spent well over 6 hours at the mall. Having not seen each other much over the last several years we haven't done much shopping together. A store here or a store there, but nothing like the serious shopping of days gone by. But today we fixed that. We spent a good six hours shopping! We tried on fancy dresses just like the good old days - one ugly, hideous dress just for laughs and one that we would buy if we had the money and occasion to wear it. Sadly all we had with us were the cameras on our phones, so they aren't very good quality pictures.
We smelt all the fragrances VS has, checked the clearance sections in the baby stores (Gymboree had a pair of 6-9 month pants for $2.99 down from $24.99!) looked for a hair band to go with Amanda's wedding dress, tried on a ton of clothes, and bought a few pieces of clothes for ourselves. It was a very fun day!

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