Aunt Polly's peanut butter cookies...

Last night I made some peanut butter cookies - using Esther's quick and easy three ingredient recipie! - and it made me think of Aunt Polly's peanut butter cookies. Hers were always my favourite and I have fond memories of, as a little kid, going over to her apartment and having free access to her cookie jar =) One of the things that made her peanut butter cookies so special is that she always did that cool fork thing to the top of her P.B. cookies - just the way it should be!! I think every time I make P.B. cookies I think of Aunt Polly =) Her and peanut butter cookies just seem to fit together.

We picked up our food today and our freezer is sooo full!!! Paul used his marvelous packing skills to fit everything in - there's a lot of steak (yum!!), TEN POUNDS of popcorn chicken, lots of chicken breasts, a pot roast, ribs, chicken cor'don blue, tons of veggies, hot dogs, sausages... we've got a little bit of everything in our freezer!! It's popping at the seams! I think we should have a dinner party soon! I was so proud of Paul fitting everything in I took a picture of our full freezer! :)

Pictures of ultra sound pictures

I know, I know... pictures of ultra sounds are hard enough to make out. Now I am making you look at a picture of an ultra sound picture!!! Paul thought we should post them, so this is my attempt!!! Here is our baby:
^ This is the baby - you can see its head and little eyes and nose.
^ Babies arm!!
^This is babies foot... you can't really tell though!!!


Oh baby

We had the ultra sound today, as well as my second dr's appointment.
Sadly, we do not know the sex of the baby :( The baby is in a breech position and had its legs crossed. Sigh... so much for all the talks we had with the baby telling him/her to be good and let us know what he/she really is!

We did get some cute pictures from the ultra sound - ok, so I had to convince myself that they're 'cute.' Ultra sound pictures aren't something to be oohhed and ahhed over, in my personal opinion. Our baby really just looks like an alien right now. But, of course, the cutest alien-look-alike there ever was in an ultrasound picture!!!

Even though we don't know the gender of the baby there is some great news! My doctor wants me to have TWO more ultra sounds!! HURRAY! It's for a very silly reason, but I don't care - I have TWO more chances of finding out if we're having a boy or girl and two more chances to see the little person in side of me! The reason the doc wants me to have two more ultra sounds is because I have had malaria in the past and he just wants to make sure everything with the baby will be ok - my mother and all other people who have lived overseas for awhile will find that reason dumb - but who cares really!! I get TWO more ultrasounds! My next ultra sound is in three weeks.


Can't keep it in any longer!

I am just so excited about Christmas - and I have kept that in for weeks and weeks now =)
I just can't keep it to myself any longer - Just over three months till Christmas!!!! HURRAY! =) Paul is even excited about it, or at least pretends to be. He's already started saving money for Christmas gifts, and will talk with me about plans for Christmas - We've started planning what to buy people for Christmas gifts, and what we'll do for the family Christmas parties. We're debating whether to have a real tree or a fake one (last years tree was borrowed.) And we're trying to figure out all the baking we want to make this year =) Paul even suggested that we go out and get a freezer just so we have the extra space for our baking!!! He has been converted and loves Christmas (almost!!) as much as I do!

Mmm, yum! And to think, I get to eat for two this holiday!!! I can't wait till Christmas!!!


Spenny the soft hearted

Three cheers for Levi helping to break Spenny's dislike for little kids!! For whatever reason Levi got it in his head that "Spenny" sounded like "Bunny" so that is what he called Spencer all evening long!
Then when Spen flexed his oh-so-impressive muscles Levi was there to admire - which made Spencer realize that his future niece or nephew could very well end up living in awe and admiration of him - which I think made him realize that little kids can be great for boosting ones ego, so maybe they're not so bad after all.
I think Spenny's heart is melting. I think he likes kids. Just a little bit.


Yesterday there was a funeral for a police officer that died in Cleveland last week. There were thousands of police officers present at the funeral - from all over the state of Ohio and PA, and some even came from Toronto.

Paul and I were driving to the hospital yesterday for an appointment, and we were on the highway that the funeral procession was going to be taking. There were hundreds and hundreds of people lined up on the side of the highway and on overpasses looking down on to the highway.
It was amazing to see. Police and firefighters in uniform. Men, women, children of all ages. It was incredible to see all the people that were there to honor the police officer that had died, I have never seen anything like that before, and it had me near tears, as it did to Paul too.

On a lighter note... today I found a place that makes near replicas of Tim Hortons Ice Caps. Mmm yum!


Confessions of a pregnant cry baby

I have become such a big cry baby. There is the given - sad movies, sad books, being homesick, getting stuck in traffic and the sad commercials on tv that without question can make me cry. But then there's things like watching Spiderman - the whole thing made me cry - especially whenever Spiderman got hurt or us not having any bacon in the house when I felt like eating bacon, a store not selling any maternity clothes, someone cutting in front of me and beating me to a computer in the library, the fact that there aren't any Swiss Chalet's around here... I am in awe of the silly things that can make me cry. And the funny thing is that sometimes while I am crying I am laughing at myself knowing it's so ridiculous. I am going crazy!! And poor Paul gets to live with it!! He is such a great guy =)

I was at the hospital today and was chatting with a lady who was from West Africa - I didn't catch the country as she had SUCH a strong accent!! West African women are so beautiful though, and she was dressed very similarly to the Nigerian women, so I was pretty sure she was from West Africa. And then when she opened her mouth and spoke I knew for sure that she was from there!!! She is expecting her first baby too, though she is now 7 months along. She couldn't believe I was almost at 15 weeks and she had me pull my shirt up to look at my stomach!! She asked me if I was sure there was even a baby in me as she thought I was so small. It was quite humorous to me! I have gained just 3/4 of a pound so far.

I have lots of shopping to do today as Spenny and Stevie ate most of our food!
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