Can't keep it in any longer!

I am just so excited about Christmas - and I have kept that in for weeks and weeks now =)
I just can't keep it to myself any longer - Just over three months till Christmas!!!! HURRAY! =) Paul is even excited about it, or at least pretends to be. He's already started saving money for Christmas gifts, and will talk with me about plans for Christmas - We've started planning what to buy people for Christmas gifts, and what we'll do for the family Christmas parties. We're debating whether to have a real tree or a fake one (last years tree was borrowed.) And we're trying to figure out all the baking we want to make this year =) Paul even suggested that we go out and get a freezer just so we have the extra space for our baking!!! He has been converted and loves Christmas (almost!!) as much as I do!

Mmm, yum! And to think, I get to eat for two this holiday!!! I can't wait till Christmas!!!

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