Aunt Polly's peanut butter cookies...

Last night I made some peanut butter cookies - using Esther's quick and easy three ingredient recipie! - and it made me think of Aunt Polly's peanut butter cookies. Hers were always my favourite and I have fond memories of, as a little kid, going over to her apartment and having free access to her cookie jar =) One of the things that made her peanut butter cookies so special is that she always did that cool fork thing to the top of her P.B. cookies - just the way it should be!! I think every time I make P.B. cookies I think of Aunt Polly =) Her and peanut butter cookies just seem to fit together.

We picked up our food today and our freezer is sooo full!!! Paul used his marvelous packing skills to fit everything in - there's a lot of steak (yum!!), TEN POUNDS of popcorn chicken, lots of chicken breasts, a pot roast, ribs, chicken cor'don blue, tons of veggies, hot dogs, sausages... we've got a little bit of everything in our freezer!! It's popping at the seams! I think we should have a dinner party soon! I was so proud of Paul fitting everything in I took a picture of our full freezer! :)


Nicole said...

LOL you guys are so funny! Ha, it looks like our freezer! We always have to pack it so carefully so we can fit everything in :P

Essie said...

You just made me want one of Aunt Polly's P.B. cookies...They are amazing and so soft!

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