Our four days in Stouffville

The past few days were so much fun! Wednesday evening Paul and I headed up to my parents (arriving at two in the morning! Oops!!). We stayed until Sunday afternoon and had a very busy and very fun time seeing everyone, going to the fair, and helping celebrate Esther's birthday! =)
The bride to-be! Amanda's got the coolest dresses planned out for her bridesmaids! =) I am excited! We spent Thursday night at the mall, then went to the Mongolian Grill (a place we use to frequent on occassion together, and somewhere Paul had never been. Poor guy, he put up with a lot of wedding talk!!!) Then we went to look at a place I thought would be so pretty for her summer wedding pictures - though we were there at 9:30 pm so it was very hard to see, but I think she liked it :) I think I was helpful :) Hurray!
On Friday we met Grandpa and Grandma Crowe in Orangeville - halfway between their house and my parents. We went to Swiss Chalet - mmm yum! I had been craving their food! We had a nice visit together. Later that afternoon Paul and I went to the Nummy's house to pick up some baby things they had for us - they had everything!! :) We got an infant car seat, a stroller, a playpen, a booster seat and some blankets! It's so exciting!

Saturday Caleb, Essie, Paul and I spent the day at the fair (though we lost Caleb to his cooler-then-us friends) It got SO cold and wet nearer the end of the day, so we didn't stay for the Monster Truck show or the fireworks, but we had fun walking through the exhibits, watching the bike show and the horse show and eating all the samples! =)

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Nicole said...

Great pics!

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

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