Friday, Oct 13

I can't seem to go a day without something happening. Thankfully todays ordeal wasn't such a big deal. It was scary, but everything was ok!
I started bleeding again today and called the nurse and she said to come in right away... so we did. The doctor who did the exam said that I have a 'fried uterus' - meaning it is irritable and sensitive and that it will bleed when it is too irritated, and that having had the surgery and stitches in place means that it will be very sensitive and I'll likely bleed lightly quite frequently.
BUT baby is fine and everything else that's suppose to be in me is in proper place and doing it's job! Yay!

Another positive thing about this hospital visit: we were able to get doctors orders saying I am on restrictive bed rest, which is a letter that could be helpful with the Army drama.


AndyandJenelle said...

I love doctors notes.... especially when they're helpful and necessary to prove a point!

Nicole said...

Praise God you are fine!!! I have been praying for you all day and I feel so relieved to know you and your baby are safe and healthy. Yay!!!!! :) :) :) :)

And now that you have a doctors note I will pray that everything with the Army works out too!

And I also read that your parents are coming and your mom is staying for a week. You have such great parents Jess! Have a nice relaxing week and ask your mom to send me some good food! ;) That is if Paul will share lol haha

Take care! Love ya!

Adrianne said...

Great news! Bedrest can be very hard.. hang in there!!! It will go by fast and you'll have a healthy baby to show for it!

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