Doctors orders

I wish I looked like I was supposed to be on bed rest! Maybe if I had a cast, or had lots of swelling, or was purple and blue! It’s hard enough that I feel perfectly fine – it’s hard for me to remember to not lift things, or to not be on my feet to much, or walk to much, etc. But to be pushed around in a wheelchair while at Wal-mart (my weekly field trip!! =), and to have my mum- who uses a cane and walks with a limp- be the one stuck carrying things… I look like a brat!
Maybe I should wear a sign around my neck that says “The doctor ordered this!”

Paul is leaving early tomorrow morning for SRP – he’ll be gone till Thursday night. I am hoping he finds out all the information that we want to know!!!
Paul picked up some packing boxes for us today. Mum and I may start packing books and ornaments and little things like that tomorrow.

I have a craving for these boneless chicken wing type things that Uncle Rick and Aunt Laurie fed me when I was at their house a couple months ago.

Pregnant women be warned: don't try new foods that you're going to love if it's not easily attainable - it is a cruel form of self torture!

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