Saturday, October 21

Mum has decided to stay another week! Hurray! Between Paul's pure adoration for her homemade chili and her fear that I will do too much - she was easy enough to convince to stay on another week!!
Paul is working a second job so he is INSANELY busy, and to top it off his SRP is this week, and he needs to travel out of state for that, so he will be gone Wednesday and Thursday of this week. It will be nice to have mum here to keep me company, drive me to my appointments and do the grocery shopping for another week =)

Amanda and Craig came to visit this week - woohoo!! They got here Thursday evening and just left this morning. We didn't get to spend tons of time together as they went to see a Leafs game in Columbus on Friday, and spent most of the day out there waiting in line for tickets =) But we had the evenings and mornings together - I can't wait for them to be married so we can go visit them together in Scotland!! =)

We don't know too much more about us moving - Paul will find out more things this week while at SRP. We do know that the army won't give orders for me to move with him right away, so it looks like I will be at my parents for the month of December. It looks like we're going to have to start collecting moving boxes ... it does not sound like fun packing up an apartment of stuff (to be put in storage for an unknown amount of time!) while in the middle of a high risk pregnancy. I won't be able to do ANYTHING - just sit and watch people pack up for me... I think I'll camp out at #8 while that happens =) I will be too tempted to get involved.

A lot of things are going to be happening over the next 40 days!

Random movie quote of the day:

"If you're going to act like that, how are we going to know when you really are going senile?"
- Corner Gas, season 3

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Nicole said...

Yay for your mom staying another week!!! That is great! What a nice mom :)

LOL I love Corner Gas. At first I thought it was dumb, but now I see the humor in it and we love to watch it!

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