Nicholas is here to visit!

Nicholas2, originally uploaded by pandjmorris.

I got my flat person in the mail today - HURRAY!!! =) We are going to have to get creative about things to 'do' with Nicholas since I am stuck on partial bedrest.
Our 'introduction' letter (from a student named - what else? Nicholas!) says that he is 8 years old and in third grade.
He likes to 'shoot my bo ane arro' !! =)
Nicholas is from Arizona, so we need to introduce him to wonderful COLD Ohio... the first thing is taking Nicholas to my (FOURTH!!) ultrasound tomorrow - we already know the babies gender, but not many people do know, so Nicholas will be one of the privileged few that know!


Nicole said...

Oh Yay!!!! Sounds like fun!

Essie said...

I get to meet Nicholas tomorrow:)

Bethany said...

I found your site while blog searching... Thought about commenting earlier, but since I also just received a flat person, I figured it was a good time to comment. Flat Stanley just missed the family vacation to NM, but he did go to work with me today. I think Stanley will have lots of fun staying with us!

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