June 9 - 11

Uncle Tom, Aunt Lois, Julie and Ben crashed at our place Thursday night. They arrived late Thursday night, and Paul left for work early Friday morning, so Paul and the Wheeler's didn't get to see each other!
I woke up Friday morning with a great idea - hitch a ride up to Stouffville with the Wheeler's! The car was rather squishy on the way up, but lots of fun =)
We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way up. Julie and Ben had never seen it before.
Aunt Lois
Me, Ben and Julie

So Beautiful!
Wheeler Family

Uncle Rick, Aunt Laurie, Andy, Kevin and Tanner all drove up from NY to see the family.
On Saturday we spent the whole day together.

All the cousins (minus Tanner) went to the mall. I love you guys!!! =)

Uncle Rick and family drove me to their home, where Paul and Jerry went to pick me up from. It was lotsa fun driving down with them!!


Garage Sales

It's so exciting that Paul shares the same love for garage sales as I do!!! We spent some time yesterday doing that, and then some more time today. We got some great deals today - a juicer for $3 and a Hoover vac for $1 - no more borrowing the vaccum from #8!! (If this one works well!!) Levi, your vaccum is all yours again! =)


Mark and Leah Wheeler

Mark and Leah's wedding was beautiful and lots of fun!! Thanks for inviting us! =)
The whole family - Buchannon's, Wheeler's, Crowe's and Morris'!
Paul and me all dressed up
Leah's parents, the bride and groom, Mark's parents
Julie, Angie, Mark, Leah and Spencer
The bubble walk!!!
More bubble walk!
Julie, me, Esther

Mark and Leah leaving

I am still here.

The last few weeks have been crazy - trips up to Stouffville, trips to North Carolina, lots of work, and midnight visiters =) I have tons of pictures, lots of stories... so many memories!!!
I will have to share them all next time... tonight mum is leaving for Nigeria!!! WOOHOO!! Her visa came through on FRIDAY! Talk about last minute! I am so excited for her, and so jealous too! I had been hoping to go with her. Oh well. It obviously didn't happen.
She will be waiting to get on the plane now... how fun!! Even though you won't be reading this for a long time mum just want to let you know we're praying for you and hope you have a WONDERFUL time over there with g'pa and g'ma, all your old friends and my black babies! =)
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