June 9 - 11

Uncle Tom, Aunt Lois, Julie and Ben crashed at our place Thursday night. They arrived late Thursday night, and Paul left for work early Friday morning, so Paul and the Wheeler's didn't get to see each other!
I woke up Friday morning with a great idea - hitch a ride up to Stouffville with the Wheeler's! The car was rather squishy on the way up, but lots of fun =)
We stopped at Niagara Falls on the way up. Julie and Ben had never seen it before.
Aunt Lois
Me, Ben and Julie

So Beautiful!
Wheeler Family

Uncle Rick, Aunt Laurie, Andy, Kevin and Tanner all drove up from NY to see the family.
On Saturday we spent the whole day together.

All the cousins (minus Tanner) went to the mall. I love you guys!!! =)

Uncle Rick and family drove me to their home, where Paul and Jerry went to pick me up from. It was lotsa fun driving down with them!!


Caleb said...

hehe kevin looks stoned or dead in the last picture that was a fun weekend we should do it again sometime


Caleb said...

forgot to add that jess somehow managed to look good in every pic she has skillz
wish i had 'em


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »

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