It has been awhile...

It has been awhile since I updated on here. Our internet at our apartment has been giving us problems, and the part we ordered a week ago still hasn't come, so we have been having to hang out at the library to get online. Not so fun.

Lots of things have been going on:

Mum has been in Nigeria for almost a whole month now. Lucky her!!! I am quite jealous!!!

New neighbors moved onto our floor and they are so much fun!!! Rob and Ashleigh are a little older than us, they love games too, and we've done suppers and games together, and tomorrow I am going to the flea market with them =)

The Ladies Time Apart was at our apartment and Anita turned in into a surprise party for me!! How cool is she?? =)

I had my birthday and Paul is the most awesome present buyer =) He's decided every year he's going to buy me a nice purse, so I can keep adding to my collection =) Hurray for husbands who understand addictions!!! He also got me: Spiderman 1 & 2, a book, Victoria secrets 'pretty in pink' body spray, lotion and shower gel (I love this stuff!! Heather bought me a bottle of the lotion over five years ago and I still have some of it - I couldn't bring myself to use it all!!), three belly rings (there's a confession to anyone out there who doesn't know I pierced my belly button in Nigeria... Angie's influence) and a hand held electronic Suduko puzzle. He even had everything all wrapped up nicely!! =)

I had a wisdom tooth removed and two fillings put in - the first dental work I have ever had. The frozen mouth feeling was actually pretty cool =) I am a dork, I know!!!

I have lots of pictures to put on here, but will have to wait till I can do that from our apartment!!!


Amanda said...

Hey Jess... nice for u to update this thing... like come on, how else am I supposed to know what's going on?!?!?! Anyways, no worries... just wanted to let u know that I put a package in the mail for u yesterday, so look out for it! Ttyl... much love!

Anonymous said...
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