Mark and Leah Wheeler

Mark and Leah's wedding was beautiful and lots of fun!! Thanks for inviting us! =)
The whole family - Buchannon's, Wheeler's, Crowe's and Morris'!
Paul and me all dressed up
Leah's parents, the bride and groom, Mark's parents
Julie, Angie, Mark, Leah and Spencer
The bubble walk!!!
More bubble walk!
Julie, me, Esther

Mark and Leah leaving


AndyandJenelle said...

So how do you know Leah? Is it a relative or friend?

ShawnCuthill.com said...

Congrats Mark & Leah! No chance they have a blog, eh :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Mark is now married!!!!!!!!! Btw, Jess... you look hot! Ouch!

Amanda said...

Oh... that anonymoys comment is from me: Amanda... all the way from Glasgow!

Jessica Morris said...

Haha. Thanks for clarifying Amanda!!! A letter is waiting to be sent to you!!! =) I got yours yesterday - thanks!!!

Nicole said...

Nice Wedding!

Jessica, you looked really good!!

Anonymous said...

best regards, nice info
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