October 25

Paul left bright and early this morning - he had to be at the airport for FIVE in the morning!!! Many thanks to Josh for spending the night and driving him there this morning!! =)

I had another doctors appointment this morning. I got there and the receptionist told me I was seeing Dr. "X" - the same doctor I saw on Friday that I DID NOT LIKE. What are the chances? I have seen SO many doctors in the last two and a half weeks, and none of them twice - what are the odds that I would be seeing the one I don't like twice?? And twice in a row at that! I asked the receptionist if she could please let me see a different doctor... she was really nice, but said she couldn't get me to see anyone else that morning - but that she'd make note on my records for me to not see that doctor again!

I was kind of upset, but there wasn't much I could do about it - but as it turned out, I got a different doctor!!! HURRAY! Dr. "X" was so bogged down that another one was helping her out and seeing some of the patients!!!
So this other doctor checked me out and such, and then called the high risk doctor - I always have to see the high risk doctor before they'll let me leave now!
I had met this particular high risk doctor before, and absolutely love him! He was really pleased with how well things are going, and said to continue taking it as easy as I am.
I was able to ask him about future pregnancies, and he said that although he doesn't believe in the "once a cerclage always a cerclage" (his exact wording!!) he does think that because I had the "emergency cerclage" and "silent dilation" that I will need a cerclage for every pregnancy.
But, on a positive note, he doesn't think that other pregnancies will require so much care!! Because future cerclages will go in between 12 and 15 weeks they won't be considered "emergency" and therefore I won't be on bedrest!! Hurray - we may actually have more babies knowing that =) I can't imagine being like this with my own child to care for too... agh!

We (ok, mum!) got a little bit of packing done today - ornaments, books and picture albums! It is going to take a long, long time to get this place all packed up!

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