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Esther is on her way!!! Hurray!!! Poor girl has been sick all week and called this morning (bright and early!) to say she wouldn't be able to make it. Then just after lunch she called back to say she was feeling a lot better so she'd be coming after all! HURRAY! It'll be a fun weekend =)

Paul is such a funny dude. Wednesday night he made some really yummy chocolate cookies - from scratch, with a 'made-up' recipie. It was quite impressive. On Thursday he took a huge plate of the cookies in to work and told the guys at work that I had made them for them!! (Which I didn't have a single part in those cookies - I didn't even lick the bowl clean, I was fast asleep when he made them!!) Evidently I need to step up my job as wifey and start baking things for his work buddies =) The plus side to this is that there's a group of guys at Metro who think I am a great cookie maker =)

Another piece of exciting news: We are going to get to 'host' a flat person. A teacher friend wants to educate her after school group of kids on different parts of the country/world so she is having her students make little paper doll type people - 'flat people.' The flat people will be mailed out to people all over the country/world. Then we, the hosts, have to take the flat person with us and take pictures of the flat person in different places and keep a journal of the 'adventures' the flat person has with us! And then after a couple weeks it'll all get mailed back to the students. I am so excited, I think it is such a brilliant idea!! =) I can't wait to 'meet' my flat person =)

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