Tuesday update

We spent three hours back in the hospital early this morning - 3am - 6am. I thought I might have been contracting and was having pains.
They hooked me up to a moniter and examined me and did a blood test. The moniter and the exam were both ok and didn't show anything abnormal.
The blood test however showed a slight positive towards infection - but they decided that they would let me go home then, as it wasn't a conclusive test, and they'll just check me again soon.
Soon being tomorrow.
I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:00am at the high risk clinic. Hopefully they won't find anything.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It was the weirdest thing.... I thought of you, and decided to go check out your blog. I just had this feeling you might be expecting a baby. I don't know why, I just almost knew.

I read your entries for the last couple of days. What a nightmare. It must be a scary feeling. I know I see a lot of scares at work. But it is amazing how much can be done these days. And that's even without the Lord's help - which many people don't have.

I just thought I would let you know that you and Paul and Baby are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I so hope everything goes well at your appointment tomorrow.



P.S. You look just beautiful in all those pictures - and so happy with your soldier :)

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