Oh baby

We had the ultra sound today, as well as my second dr's appointment.
Sadly, we do not know the sex of the baby :( The baby is in a breech position and had its legs crossed. Sigh... so much for all the talks we had with the baby telling him/her to be good and let us know what he/she really is!

We did get some cute pictures from the ultra sound - ok, so I had to convince myself that they're 'cute.' Ultra sound pictures aren't something to be oohhed and ahhed over, in my personal opinion. Our baby really just looks like an alien right now. But, of course, the cutest alien-look-alike there ever was in an ultrasound picture!!!

Even though we don't know the gender of the baby there is some great news! My doctor wants me to have TWO more ultra sounds!! HURRAY! It's for a very silly reason, but I don't care - I have TWO more chances of finding out if we're having a boy or girl and two more chances to see the little person in side of me! The reason the doc wants me to have two more ultra sounds is because I have had malaria in the past and he just wants to make sure everything with the baby will be ok - my mother and all other people who have lived overseas for awhile will find that reason dumb - but who cares really!! I get TWO more ultrasounds! My next ultra sound is in three weeks.


Ally said...

Hey Jess!

I'd be excited about two more ultrasounds too-even if they are for stupid reasons. Doctors get all silly about malaria, I go to a malaria risk country for three weeks and I'm not allowed to give blood for 6 months, despite being on medication...dumb dumb dumb.

You need to come up to Canada so I can meet your expanding stomach...I have a thing for pregnant friends, I have to talk to the baby, no matter how many months along they are!

Miss ya!

Nicole said...

Yay!!! You get two more chances at a glimpse of your little alien baby! ;) lol!

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