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I bought a neat book a few weeks ago entitled "What My Parents Did Right" - it is a parenting book filled with things that parents did right and that their now adult children appreciated. I thought it was such a neat idea for a book. What an encouragement to their parents! It has gotten me thinking about what my parents have done "right" and it has sparked a lot of conversations between Paul and me about what we want our kids to say we did "right."

One thing I remember so vividly that my dad did for me was build me a wooden toy airplane.
I was young and we'd been out on a walk and I found a little wing nut. To me it was like this precious jewel and I was so excited to have found this shiny, oddly shaped object. Dad was excited about it for me, and he ended up making me this wooden plane and the wing nut was the propeller for the plane.
That one, seemingly insignificant, incident (I don't know if he'll even remember that plane!) meant a lot to me. It meant that there was nothing too small or too silly. It meant that, with some creativity, you can make the best out of things.

I haven't finished the book yet, in fact I am only on chapter 4 of a 55 chapter book. But already I love this book and would recommend it to parents! Go out and buy yourself a copy!!

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The Rock Chick said...

Great post!!! I love talking about those things with my mom. Sometimes, we plan so hard for birthday parties and making everything perfect and that's not what we remember. It always seems to be the little seemingly meaningless impromtu things.

I don't know how I think of the things I write. I just wait til something irritates me, which is quite often. Usually when I'm irritated I still find things semi-amusing and then I just go from there.

I'm sure they have medication that can help me but I'm quite content in my own little insanity :)

And I'm still voting for you!!!!! My sister is not a blogger but I told her to vote for you, too...

Have a great day! Jessica

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