It is so much fun having Amanda here! Yesterday we drove out to a nearby lake and sun tanned on the beach and then drove around the damn just looking at the beautiful surroundings. Today she accompanied me on my walk on the track and we did grocery shopping. Now we are just bumming around at home waiting for Paul to come home so we can grill out and then go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It will be Judah's second movie =)
At the grocery store today and I asked Amanda about something I wanted to cook for dinner, if she thought it would work.
Her response was "I don't see why not ... but if it doesn't work we can always call our mothers."
It made me laugh ... one day WE will be "the mothers" that will be called upon to answer all the tough questions ... I think my wise answer then will be "go ask your Grandma." Judah will be four months old tomorrow. FOUR months!! Soon we will get to decide when and how to introduce foods to him. Paul and I are both so very excited about introducing him to the wonderful world of food. He has had a few very brief introductions to it - we have given him chicken to lick and different veggies to chomp on. And one night we stupidly gave him a few drops of lemon aid and he was up *all night* long, hyper as anything. Oops!

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sis said...

You might want to respell "damn" hee hee hee ;)

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