Who's Your Daddy?

Last week a five year old girl asked if Paul was my daddy. *cough* Um, no little girl. I already told you that Paul was Judah's daddy and I am Judah's mommy. I think her logic was that Paul is almost a foot taller than me, and parents are always taller .... it made me laugh anyway - after I got over the disturbing image she placed in my mind.

The very next day someone approached me and said I looked familiar what high school did I go to?
I told her I wasn't in school, I was married and had a baby.
She said that I didn't look a day over 17.
So I told her I was 21 - just to clarify the fact that I wasn't a high school drop out.

I am at that stage in life where I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing for people to think I look younger than I am.
Though in some places people think I look older than I am, which is something as teen you always want - but at what age does that become an insult?

I think people are confused. Like this man who approached me in the grocery store last week. He looked at Judah and talked with me a bit about him and then said "How old is he? Let me guess ... about one week old?"

I love people. They make the world a funny place.


Essie said...

Hee hee, that is all really funny...I usually get 16 or 17:-p It's an insult when you realize that people don't take you seriously because of how young they think you are:-p

Bethany said...

I get this all the time! I smile and tell people, "No, I'm not in school. I'm 21 and was married a year and a half ago." "Oh, I thought you coulnd't be a day over 16..." comes the reply. I do wonder when people will stop asking... Why would I be waitressing lunch hours if I was still in school?

The Rock Chick said...

It is ALWAYS a good thing to have people think you look younger than you are. I know you reach that point in your life in your 20's where you want people to consider you and adult. I went through that, too. Then I hit 30 and realized I am an adult no matter what I look like.

I do photography and web design for a local band and I usually spend one weekend night in a bar somewhere photographing their performance and the audience (and ok, dancing a little bit, too!) and I just LOVE it when they ask for my ID. I will be 41 in a few days and usually when they card me they are like "Oh, sorry"....I say don't be! It's a big compliment.

Last week I had one of my daughters at the doctor and she had this pair of ripped up jeans on (that we actually bought that way) and this cranky woman asked me how I could let her out of the house that way. I told her it was the style (believe me with teens, there are much bigger battles to pick) and she said it looked horrible but what could society expect from a teen mother. She sure I was doing the best I could under the circumstances.

I told her when I had Middle Daughter I was 26. She was flabbergasted and didn't believe me at all.

It's a compliment, I tell ya!!!! :)

Jessica The Rock Chick

Crystal said...

Finally at almost-27 I'm learning to appreciate the "you look 12!!" comments. ;o)

I'm sure when I hit 30, I'll love them even more.

Although my husband has already declared that I. Will. Not. Forget. My. Wedding. Ring. when I go out shopping if I ever wind up pregnant. ;o)

Janean said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures on your side bar. Your little one is SO precious!
I remember after I had my third (that would be a 5 year old, a one year old and an infant) I hired a 14 year old neighbor to come help me a few days a week. Mainly just play games and keep the one year old happy. We went to Wally world and someone asked me if I was the GRANDMA!! Ummmmm, Yah...

No, I didn't. They are still alive as far as I know.

Sarge Charlie said...

I look very young for my age also, I will be 70 in december, age creeps up on you at a rapid pace.....

Amber said...

lol--that's hilarious!! I dread what people will think when our baby is born--I'll have to be sure to wave my wedding ring around a lot. lol
Some visitors to our church last week asked me what grade I am in school. I just said, "I'm 23!"

Mel's Mom said...

A lot of people think Mel and I are sisters. I love it. Nice thing is Mel doesn't mind. She's one of my best friends, too.

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