Thursday Thirteen #22

I am going to try to do the Thursday Thirteen again each week!! Today it is thirteen of my favorite foods to have around the house!

1. TEA!! I love tea so very, very much!!

2. I know salad spritzers were 'the thing' like two years ago... but I have only recently bought them for us and I LOVE them!!

3. Mmm! Yum! Wine gums!! You know how most couples have "their song" or "their movie" or "their restaurant" ... ya, well for Paul and me this is "our candy."

4. Like I said... I love tea!! I just discovered this powder form and it is super good especially in smoothies!

5. As if soy milk isn't delicious enough on its own ... I discovered this Peppermint Chocolate kind and it is amazing!! (I bought one for you Aunt Polly, if you'd like it!)

6. Can you say a-d-d-i-c-t-i-n-g? This is the best apple cider mix out there!

7. This is something I have discovered since moving down South. It is delicious poured on top of cream cheese and then served with crackers.

8. I love the convenience of these - just pour one into a bottle of water and voila - lemonade!!

9. These are a great snack!

10. I go through several cans of these a week ... either made into hummus or eaten straight out of the can.

11. I'll take any excuse to drink milk ... this stuff is yummy!

12. We keep a lot of frozen fruit in our freezer. It is cheaper than fresh fruit, and it makes for amazingly yummy smoothies!

13. As much as I love tea I love coffee too! Paul is a coffee snob, and there are only certain brands I am allowed to buy, and it has to always be whole beans, for us to grind ourselves as needed!

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damozel said...

A beautiful list, made me quite hungry...haven't had wine gums since I was in England; I love the way it feels to chew them

The Rock Chick said...

Mmmmmm...mangos are one of my favorite things! I've never heard of Wine Gums. What are they?

Crystal said...

Ewwwe, soy milk!!! (This coming from a fairly strict vegetarian...) ;o)

Tea, tea, glorious tea! I still need to send you some of my favorites. I was JUST thinking about that yesterday in fact! :o)

Paul said...

coffee snob!?! I'll drink anything roasted!! I just happen to like my coffee strong... manly strong... starbucks strong...

Jeannine said...

Happy late TT!

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