Pool Drama

Some people have a lot of nerve!! Amanda and I were at the pool this afternoon (while Judah and Paul bonded in the air conditioned apartment!) and some random guy on the other side of the pool took a picture of us on his cell phone. Umm - hello? That was rather rude!! Neither of us had the guts to actually do anything about it, however I would have loved to of walked over, casually picked up that phone, and then tossed it in the pool. For some reason I would have found that fun.

We had a ton of fun at the pool, apart from that rude man. There were a whole bunch of kids (because where else would kids be on a 90 degree day??) and we made friends with several of them. "Best Friends" in fact. It was so much fun acting like a little kid splashing and kicking and spinning in the water!

Tomorrow we are going to the beach to swim in the ocean. Paul has the day off so he is able to come too - Yay!

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Amazing Gracie said...

I really love your comments on Mel's blog. She's the sweetest girl and a real testimony of faith!

Sarge Charlie said...

Have a good holiday with your soldier.

The Rock Chick said...

Took a picture with his cell phone? LOL. There's whackos everywhere, I tell ya!!

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!! Our pool opened on Saturday. I've been waiting!! On Sat., though it poured all day and was only 70. Yesterday was pretty nice but too cold to swim. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for today! Looks ok so far!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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