Name This Tune!

I heard a song on the radio today and I have tried googling it and can't find it. It was on the country station and I *thought* they said it was Keith Urban and something about it being in honor of Memorial Day. Does anyone know the song I heard??

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The Rock Chick said...

hmmmm.....you'd think The Rock Chick would be a good source of this kind of info, but I have no idea! sorry!!!!

Glad to try to help with the voting!! (not sure if it did or not) but I do see you're vote counter rising!!!


Sarge Charlie said...

I voted again.

Essie said...

Check out cowboylyrics.com and go to "K" then look through his stuff. It might be a song that's not on a record. Oh, and you should listen to his song "I told you so" I love it!!!

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