I won a contest!!! I am so super excited! Randi Sue from Designing Diva held a Mothers Day essay contest. She called today to tell me that I won $250 worth of jewelry for my mum ... time to go shopping!! (Oh, and check out her store too! She's got some nice stuff!)


Sarge Charlie said...

congrats on the big winnnnnnnnnn.

toni said...

Oh, that's very cool. I recently won a digital photo frame from 5 Minutes For Mom. It's FUN to win in Blogland.

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Jessica!

WOW! How coooool! Congrats! I clicked over and read your submission and it's beautiful! I don't know how you're going to even pick. Everything is gorgeous. Your mom is going to be thrilled! (although, I think she may like the essay the best ;)......and, I think you should save one little piece of your winnings for yourself, too. Judah is one lucky little guy!!!!!!!!

Congrats again! You rock!!!! Today you are Jessica The Rock Chick!!!! :) Still working on my 13....


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