Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not sure which is worse - having to sleep on the floor, or having a baby that dances on my bladder in the middle of the night! Either way, neither are making for a good nights sleep and today we slept in VERY late.

We had our thanksgiving day meal at the Golden Corral - mmm! All you can eat steak, turkey and pot roast! I ate lots of those three, and then some mashed potatoes and some gummy bears. Gotta love weird food cravings. I enjoyed myself though! =) We are now back in our very empty apartment just hanging out. We'll probably watch a movie a little later, and Paul might start packing the car - we've decided to leave for my parents tomorrow afternoon instead of Saturday morning. Tonight is my last night in this apartment! Weird thought.

Things I am thankful for:

A personal relationship with Christ
A sweet and lovin' hunky husband
Our baby kicking away in me as I type this
That Paul is going to Georgia and not Iraq!
Friends back home that are ready to do the "bed resting" thing with me =)


Essie said...
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Essie said...

I'm SOOOO excited to see you three;)tomorrow!!! Ok, well you two and the evidence of the third;) I can't wait!:)

Bethany said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Anonymous said...

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