The Orders have arrived!

We got Paul's orders today!! We have been waiting for them in order for us to get started on things like my health insurance, getting out of contracts here and having an official time line!

The orders state that Paul isn't allowed to drive his own vehicle down, and he has to live on base, and a few other details that we're not very excited about. So it now makes a few added complications to our situation... but they are things that wil have to be sorted out once he is down in Georgia, so we're not even going to think about those things right now!!

Our little baby has been very active lately!! It's fun feeling baby move around though baby is making it hard for me to sleep at night - it's so hard to get comfortable!!

The 'great name debate' is over!! We have finally settled on a name that we BOTH love! Whew, I never knew it could be so much work to name a baby! =)
The name is a secret - though it is none of the names Caleb and his friends suggested - names that included (but not limited to!); Lemon, Timberlake, Paulisa, Queen, Tootless, Kit-kat, Super-tank-child and Tonka.
No offense to you and your buddies Caleb... but those names were all rejected. Thanks for the suggestions though! Your time and creativity in those names was greatly appreciated!


Essie said...

Ahhhhhhh Baby has a name!!! And you're withholding it from me?:( I can't wait to see you Jessi and you're belly;) lol I'm so super excited! And you too Paul (just so you don't feel left out) ;)

Caleb said...

hmmm... you forgot KRISTA! she wont be happy... but tonka is SUCH a good name! please tell me what you picked?!?!?!?!!??? when you come up?

Becki said...

Exciting days! At least you're not leaving the name until a week after baby's born like some mutual friends! I can't wait to know!

I'm glad orders finally arrived. Praying all works out when he gets down there.


Becki said...
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