I am a proud Army wife.

On Monday we went to the Golden Corral. In honor of Veterans Day they had free dinner for any vet. The place was PACKED. It was both sweet and sad to see all the men (and a few women!) who had served. There were old men and young men. Healthy men and disabled men. Standing in line waiting to be seated I did choke up and almost cried. I don't think it can be blamed on the pregnancy hormones. I am proud my husband is one of the men that serves.

Today the husband of the lady who lives on the lower level of our apartment is returning from Iraq!! He has been gone for 14 months!! There is a huge welcome back planned for him - Channel 19 News even plans on being here for it! Last night I couldn't sleep very well - I am just so excited for this lady that her hubby is coming home!! Hurray! Or should I say "HOOOAH!"


Crystal said...

Aww... I'm proud of my (ex) Army man too! Veteran's Day is always special around here. (Of course, it's not just because he's a vet... but also because it's our anniversary.)


Holly said...

I think I recognize you too. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. This week has been crazy.
Augusta is VERY close to where I live. I live in Appling and Fort Gordon is only about 20 minutes away. We go to Martinez Bible Chapel and we prayed for you two on Wednesday night. I believe we got an e-mail from Mike Attwood...but I'm not sure. I didn't quite understand what the guy said. There are quite a few assemblies in the area though - between 4 and 6 - and they're all very different so I suggest you guys look around and find the one that fits you best. Don't let anyone pressure you. ;) Well, I've gotta get going, but if you want to write back, my e-mail address is goodgollymissholly@comcast.net I don't use xanga too often, but I will get the message. :)

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