Kinderkitchen Products for Budding Chefs

Knowing that a lot of my readers have young children (or grandchildren!) I am so very excited to share these products with you. We really like all of the Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen products that we have tried and I think you will too!! These are great kitchen utensils for children to safely use to do real food prep.

I was first introduced to these several weeks ago when a friend sent a couple items to us. I was charmed by their quirkiness and impressed with the quality and set out to learn more about the company.
Kuhn Rikon kindly sent us three additional items and their usefulness and charm has won all our hearts. Even Paul likes the children kitchen tools, which is rare for him to like anything designed for children.

I want to clearly state that these items would not be in our home, let alone featured on my blog, if I didn't think they were an excellent, quality item that offer a useful function.

Both of my boys love helping in the kitchen and Paul and I both strongly encourage them to assist us, using our real kitchen tools.
They also love to pretend cook in their own little kitchen and hate play kid utensils and prefer to use "the real thing." And because they are accustomed to helping us in the kitchen they are well aware of all the kitchen utensils and feel free to help themselves to items from the drawer. I have always struggled with this balance - I don't like my utensils traveling all over the house, some of them are too dangerous to be played with unsupervised, yet I want to encourage imaginative play mixed with reality.

This product has solved that problem - the kitchen items are real tools that can be used to prepare real dishes, but they are also safe for children to play with. They are recommended for ages 4 and up but of the 5 we have only 1 is not appropriate for them to use unsupervised at their ages of 23 months and 3 years.

I don't have a picture of each Kinderkitchen product that we own so I have included an Amazon link so you can see the item. While Amazon is fairly competitive on their prices I would encourage you to shop around for the best price if you want to purchase these for your family.

Crocodile Jaws - These are sturdy tongs and while the intended use is to transfer items from a serving dish to ones plate my boys prefer to use it to transfer food from their plate to their mouth. I need to buy a second one of these as it's one of the most popular item! This is well made, appealing to kids and easy to use

Mouse Measuring Cups - These are just darling and I love having them on display. They are also now my favorite measuring cups for dry stuff.
I didn't find them very easy for the boys to use with wet ingredients in them, but it was just fine with dry ingredients. I also love that each size is a different color as it makes it easier for Judah to grab the correct scoop.

Duck Snippers - This is the only tool we don't leave in the boys play kitchen for them to play with at will. They aren't sharp scissors but they have the ability to cut things that I may not want cut. The beak of the duck is a sheath for the scissors.

Cockatiel Whisk - The Cockatiel whisk is cute, but to me it is just a whisk. I neither love it nor hate it. It hangs in their Pottery Barn kitchen and I like the look of it hanging there but if I had to pick my least favorite item this would be it.

Dog Knife - The dog knife is every ones favorite. If you only pick one item to buy, this is it! This is a child safe knife, in a super fun design. The ears of the dog serve as a guard to keep your fingers from slipping down the knife. Both boys can use this safely without supervision - with no risk of them cutting themselves and yet fully able to cut softer items, such as the strawberries as pictured above. Judah sat and cut .5 lb of strawberries for me the other day - it was truly a huge help!

If you're looking for cooking utensils for your children or a cool birthday or Christmas gift for someone elses child I would highly recommend these products!!


ashleigh said...

YAY! Thanks for posting this one!

rachel said...

Very cool.

MomLaur83 said...

Do you get them from Amazon?

Jessica Morris said...

Lauren - I am going to get a second knife and crocodile and also the fish teaspoon set from Amazon. I haven't done it yet, I may wait til a birthday or Christmas, but it will be from Amazon. It's the cheapest I have found.

Erin said...

Thanks for this post!! Must get some of these. Isaac's favorite thing to watch on TV is "cook". He'll go grab a bowl, a spoon, and whatever else I"ll let him and watch Iron Chef for hours.

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