Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen question I want to know the answer to but have been too lazy or busy to research:

1. Can the word 'base' and 'post' be used interchangeably when referring to an Army post?

2. What is Jamaica like in September/October? Is it a good time to go there on vacation?

3. What's the best way to keep cut flowers alive?

4. Are other games by Klaus Teuber any good? (He made Settlers, which is an amazing game!!)

5. What should I do with 15 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast?

6. What is the best hot chocolate mix?

7. How do you make Baked Alaska?

8. What are some good movies in theater right now?

9. Does anywhere print pictures for less than twelve cents a picture?

10. Are whey protein shakes ok to drink while nursing?

11. What is the best pair of walking shoes?

12. Which is better to visit for a day trip; Charleston, Savannah or Myrtle Beach?

13. Where can I get thirteen 12x12 calendar grids to use in Judah's scrapbook?

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Susan said...

Your TT is wonderful. I have to say Jamaica is great at that time of year IF there are no hurricanes...that's the thick of hurricane season. Did you try calling a Creative Memories consultant and see if you can buy 13 of those grid pages?

Have a great day!! The baby's adorable!

My TT is up too.

:-) Susan

Finlands finest said...

I have been studying Jamaica for my destination wedding. October is right before their big tourist season which is usually Nov. to April. October is also the end of their rain/hurricane season. It may be doable tho.

Great list of questions, now I want answers to some as well. :)


UKZoe said...

5. Make lots of my chicken, lentil and potato curry. The recipe's on my food and fitness blog.

April Decheine said...

When the chicken breast goes on sale for like .99 cents a pound, I buy tons of it, boil it, take it off the bone if I bought the bone in, freeze it in 1-3lb packages with my handy dandy food saver. Then I can pull it out for salads or meals. It is already to go! Loved your post.

Sarge Charlie said...

I do think the terms Base/Post are normally used for the same thing.

A base is a permeant installation which could contain many units.

You post a guard on guard duty, which means he has a specified area to guard?

The real answer is I am not sure...........

I love Savannah.

BBQ the chicken and have lots of friends over.

The weather are predicting a big Hurricane season, but they did last year also.........

good questions....

Ingrid said...

wow!! you got me there!!! Great T13 list for this week!!! you really got me thinking!!! Myrtle Beach is nice!!! But Savannah's also nice!!! :) :) :)

Sparky Duck said...

I thought that was still hurricane season, in regards to jamaica.

Savannah or Charleston, Myrtle Beach doesnt have as much going on.

Bethany said...

"3. What's the best way to keep cut flowers alive?"

I heard put a little bleach in the water with the flowers. Sounds scary to me, but I guess it works. I wouldn't use more than a tablespoon though, cause I don't remember how much you're really supposed to use.

"5. What should I do with 15 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast?"

Is it already frozen? If not, I would split it up and freeze it in smaller portions. If frozen, Sarge Charlie's suggestion sounds good. :)

Leah said...

this is a thinking list...great for making my comment different from the rest.

#3. Recut the stems while keeping the stem-ends under water. Best to do diagonal cuts.

Jen said...

I found these for #13:


Don't know if you can get just the grids by themselves.... I've never seen them sold that way....

Good luck!! =)

Jen said...

Sorry - this one is the 12x12:


Anonymous said...

Alright firstly, the babe is BEAUTIFUL. Your pics are really good!!!

Secondly, Thanks for the warm welcome.

Thirdaly, here's my answers to your T13:
1) IDK (I don't know)
2) IDK
3) Buy at a repuatable place or find out when they are delivered fesh.
4) IDK
5) Divid the package into however many you need for each meal. Then put the pieces in ziploc freezer bags. Dump in marinades of your choice. Freeze.
6) Godiva
7) IDK
8) I rarely go to the movies, but I heard 300 is excellent.
9) IDK
10)Yes. Do what you normally would do and watch the babe for a few days after adding it to your diet.
11) I like Adidas and some company I have found at walkmart with a running guy on the side. However, I have found Adidas to hold up the best. (Reebok the worst)
12) SAVANNAH. We have been there teice in the last year. And plan on going back. I blogged about it, but I don't think I have transferred that from my old blog yet? hmmmm...I will check.
13) Creative Memories has Calendar grids.

Julee said...

I wish I had the answers, but now I have more questions... :)

Ctina said...

Interesting List!

Kathy said...

You have a beautiful baby, & family! Enjoyed the videos. Freeze the chicken, few pieces in a bag, then thaw only what you need. Good movie: Music & Lyrics, if you don't mind watching Hugh Grant. And if I had to choose a spot for a daytrip: I would LOVE to go to Charleston, SC!
Enjoyed my visit!

Danielle said...

#3 a crushed aspirin and a recutting of the stems on an angle.

Great way to get some answers.

Happy TT

Malinda777 said...

Jamaica - ANYTIME - I'm going in November...

Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box

amy said...

those are all great questions and I have been to Jamaica in July-October..all is good

TorAa said...

hi, you you ask so many questions, i like it. 'cause they are all filled with sense.

Crystal said...

Ya got me!

In answer to your questions on my TT, we used to try to keep up with shows we liked (usually ending up with hours of VCR tapes recorded to watch on hubby's days off) but now we only watch a couple "fresh" (Monk, Gillmore Girls & House pretty much) and watch the rest on DVD.

We watch the King of Queens reruns. It's hilarious! (But I still hate the dumbed-down hubby sitcom syndrome!)

Janean said...

Thanks for visiting my page! It gave me a chance to come see yours and meet a new friend. I ADORE the pics of your little one. He is SOoooo Teeny! and precious. WOW!!
I've got some ideas on your list...
#3, I've heard about the aspirin thing, but I tried it and it didn't seem to make much difference. plus it all depends on what kind of flowers we're talking about. Some of them will just go faster than others. I've found I can make roses last longer if I trim about 2 inches off the stems diagonally before I put them in water and after about 5 days I do it again. The little packets of "flower fresh" you get from the florist (if the flowers come from a florist) works just about the best. I've heard of adding a tsp of sugar as well. Just a few things to try.
#5 - Chicken breasts. LUCKY lady! I would only freeze a few of them whole. Most of the time, casseroles, soups, and the like call for it cubed and cooked, so I think I would cook it first, cut it up and freeze it in one to 2 cup packages. Just my idea. I have a pressure cooker, so if I were blessed with that much awesome chicken, I might can some of it, too.
7 - Baked Alaska isn't as hard as it sounds, just time consuming. It's just basically three components. A thin circle of cake for the base. I cooked mine on a cookie sheet to make it thin enough and then cut the circle out of the middle. Get ice cream you like (I did strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) soften them some and press them into a bowl with a diameter one inch smaller than your cake circle then refreeze. The third component is meringue (egg whites, sugar and cr of tartar). Assemble cake, dump ice cream on top, frost with meringue making sure edges are completely sealed (so it looks like a big meringue mountain) and throw it in a 500 oven for 5 minutes. I think. I used Better Homes and Gardens recipe, so you probably aught to double check with them. :D My first husband freaked out when he found out I was putting ice cream in the oven and insisted on watching. LOL
13 - Creative memories has the pages you need. I can give you the name of my consultant. She is the SWEETEST girl.

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