diets and bare bums

After many meager attempts at cutting out dairy from my diet I officially stopped eating it yesterday. I tried to stop eating it on Sunday and I really thought I was doing well - till I finished my fifth mozzarella stick and then remembered that mozzarella sticks have dairy in them! Oops!
Now that I am not eating dairy all I want to eat is dairy!! It seems that EVERYTHING good has dairy in it... sigh. I am going to start a food eating schedule - it will have both snacks and meals in it - to try to help me to not eat dairy, and to make sure I am eating well, which will hopefully help me lose more weight! I am about 12 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.

Judah has been quite active today. So far he was wiggled out of TWO diapers! Sleep sacks are not my friend. I think I said that before... why don't I learn?? The funny thing is that he will wiggle and squirm, happy as anything, but then as soon as he gets naked he screams till his little bum is wrapped up again. He definitely has his own unique personality!! And I love that.

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lifeasamama said...

oh gosh... i know, i tried cutting dairy out a little while ago, and it was awful. i didn't realize i used THAT MUCH CHEESE in my cooking.

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