My Sleeping Babes

I have become a hot weather snob! The weather this past week has been in the 80's - yesterday it even reached 90 F!! But then today it was only 65 F, and I deemed it too cold to go outside to walk.

Being 'stuck' indoors today was a nice change of pace, and I was able to get a lot done!! I made a huge batch of iced mint tea, and another huge batch of iced raspberry coffee ... Paul and I have both drank a little too much of both and I think we'll be bouncing off the walls till the early morning hours. What do you want to bet that this will be the one and only night that Judah will sleep through the whole night??

I was also able to get some of my chicken cooked, and have ideas of what to do with the rest of it! I got the floor scrubbed, my list almost complete for a photo scavenger hunt I am arranging for next week, the table cleared, the kitchen cleaned and quality time with Judah napping on our balcony under piles of blankets!! I also started a book... the first book I have picked up since Judah was born!! I got page one read - go me!

Paul agreed to play Scrabble Up with me - a very rare event, so I am going to take him up on it before he changes his mind!!


amy said...

what a precious photo..great memory

Sarge Charlie said...

great photo, just hang in there, summer in Georgia is another thing, did you ever hear the term hotatlanta.

Michelle said...

What a sweet photo! The iced mint tea sounds yummy! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Bethany said...

Aw... Too cute.

When you were pregnant, did you find out what you were having or did you wait to be surprised?

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