A walk in the woods

We went for a long walk yesterday -using Judah's new stroller!! It as really pretty outside and so of course we needed to take some pictures!!

Paul and Judah just strollin' along!

Paul took this picture - I thought it was rather artsy!

I couldn't resist! The water is in the shape of a heart! Please tell me you see it too and that I'm not going crazy!

Some pretty flowers on the side of the path!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see the heart shaped pond. Soneone was a lover, like you, and made it or is it just the way the branches have fallen. Who is the baby cousin of Judah. The wild flowers are beautiful. I love your new car and Juder's new wheels. Does it fold to go into the car or does he just roll on behind!!

Love AP

Anonymous said...

the pics are beautiful. and i see the heart. ashleigh

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