Walking Shoes

I have walked 11 out of the past 14 days, walking a total of 21 miles!! I am slowly seeing results. For one, the two miles gets done quicker each day. Today it took 24 minutes to do the two miles. Two days ago it took me 29 minutes! Four weeks ago a shirt my mum had bought for me made me look like three sausage links. Today I tried it on again and it FIT! Woohoo!
It is nice to have that little bit of encouragement because walking is losing it's novelty! I am not as amused at the trainees running around the training field singing about kool-aid. Right now the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of that form fitting bridesmaid dress I have to wear this summer! Oh, and too the opportunity to take pictures while I am out walking... the flowers are blooming and everything is so pretty!

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Bethany said...

The flowers are so pretty! Can't wait till NY starts blooming...

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